Compress with angina, temperature, otitis

Compresses have long been used in the treatment of many diseases of both adults and children. They are good for inflammatory diseases, for example, with angina, otitis, help to remove the temperature.

General recommendations for the application of compresses

It is important to put the compress on the patient correctly. To do this, you need: a soft cloth( cotton cloth or cotton) that will absorb moisture, water and vodka( alcohol).The tissue is folded in 2-3 layers, moistened in solution, squeezed, applied to the throat. After immediately cover with an oilcloth( wider than the fabric bandage), the top is covered with warm material( bike, flannel) and bandages the bandage. The patient should take this procedure in prone position. The compress should be changed and it is necessary to wipe the place of application with a soft cloth or a towel.

If the vodka pack has been laid correctly, the fabric will be wet, warm after removal. The patient should not feel chills - this is the first sign that the compress does not fit tightly to the site of the body. In this case, the procedure must be repeated anew.

Compress with angina from vodka is an effective warming healing bandage, which has been used in folk medicine since time immemorial. By the way, the vodka compress is indispensable for wounds, combating hornfels on the heel, with inflammatory diseases of the larynx, throat, joints, acute thrombophlebitis, with injuries and bruises, with pain syndromes, catarrhal otitis, etc.

Compress with angina promotes prolonged vasodilation,the influx of blood to the sites of the inflammatory process and its fade, reduces painful sensations. Such a compress is very relevant for colds, angina.

The therapeutic effect of a vodka compress is very tangible, but it can not be done if the patient has skin diseases( abscesses, erysipelas, eczema, lichen, furuncles, etc.), oncological diseases, chronic purulent otitis, bronchitis, pleurisy, and with abrasions andscratch.

Vodka compress on the throat gives a quick healing effect. In order to put a compress in angina, you will need: a mug with vodka or water with alcohol, a clean wide bandage or gauze. Vodka is heated in a water bath, but the temperature should not be very high, it is enough 45 degrees. In warmed vodka, gauze is moistened( 3-4 layers), squeezed, put on the throat, wraps the entire area with cellophane, which will provide a long-lasting warming effect. Fix using a warm scarf or towel. The procedure is repeated 2-3 days.

However, it is better to consult a doctor. To do a compress with angina from vodka the patient needs to be correct, being careful. Such compresses need to be changed frequently, because they quickly evaporate, the fabric dries. In addition, they irritate the skin, so they can not be kept for long.

As a rule, the vodka compress is also applied to the ear, throat, thorax, and to the legs( with thrombophlebitis).

Compress on the ear with otitis

In order to make a vodka warming compress on the ear area, you need to lubricate the area around it with vaseline or cream. Gauze napkins folded four times, make an incision in the middle. Then wet in vodka, squeeze and put around the ear. After you need to put a special compress paper, cover your ear with a dense layer of cotton wool and tie it tightly with a bandage. The duration of the compress is 1.5-2 hours. It is advisable to do such a compress before going to bed and only in bed. The effect will not be if the patient will walk around the house, do some kind of work. Compresses on the ear should be placed for 4-5 days.

Compress at temperature

It is necessary to moisten the bandage folded in 2-3 layers, squeeze and put on the forehead, change after 20-30 minutes, each time rubbing the skin with a towel.

Vodka compresses will also help with wounds. Vodka and fresh nettle leaves are needed for this purpose. Composition pre-insist( 2 weeks in the sun).Before application, the wound is washed, and the bandage is changed every three hours.

Thus, vodka compresses are widely used. Sometimes, not being able to treat certain ailments with medicamentous treatment, many are cured with the help of this long-standing folk method - a compress of vodka. All that is needed is vodka, bandage, fabrics that will be found in every home.