Strengthen gums at home. How to strengthen the gum on your own?

How to strengthen the gum and keep the teeth? Few know about this. However, experts argue that gum strengthening is a necessary and important procedure, due to which it is possible to avoid financial expenses during a visit to the dentist, and also to keep the teeth healthy and strong. how to strengthen the gum

Simple methods of how to strengthen the gums at home, known to many. They include banal hygiene of the mouth. As a rule, such procedures are not expensive and do not take a lot of time. If you neglect them, it is likely that soon you will have much more serious problems than the usual bleeding gums.

Symptoms of inflammation

Before telling you how to strengthen the gums on your own at home, tell us what symptoms you can identify their inflammation.

At the outset, the disease passes unnoticed. Its first signs begin to manifest much later. With improper treatment or lack of treatment of gums in the dental clinic or folk remedies, the inflammatory process intensively increases.

The main signs of this disease include:

  • Redness. It is observed at the earliest stage. This is the first symptom, after which you should immediately consult a doctor.
  • Bleeding. As a rule, a person learns about bleeding gums during the process of hygienic procedures.
  • Swelling. Swelling of the gums is the next stage of the inflammatory process. Unpleasant odor from the mouth. It's quite problematic to notice it yourself. Therefore, most people find out about this trouble from strangers. Quite often this sign of inflammation is the only one.
  • Gum atrophy. This is the last stage. It leads to tooth loss. how at home you can strengthen the gums tips

Causes of inflammation

It is not enough to know how to strengthen teeth and gums with folk remedies. Before the beginning of procedures, it is necessary to identify the causes of inflammation. These include the following:

  • pathological processes in the gastrointestinal tract;
  • non-compliance with oral hygiene;
  • taking medications to reduce salivation;
  • weakened immunity;
  • virus attack;
  • deficiency in the body of vitamin C;
  • smoking;
  • hormonal changes;
  • genetic predisposition;
  • inflammatory diseases;
  • poor-quality dental treatment;
  • diabetes mellitus;
  • vascular and heart disease.

Can I treat the gums myself?

About how to strengthen the gum, few people know. Therefore, most of them turn to experienced specialists. Of course, in serious cases, such a procedure is best performed in a medical institution. However, some supporters of traditional medicine argue that most of the dental diseases in the initial stage can be treated at home. To do this, it is recommended to purchase such a device for irrigation of the oral cavity, as an irrigator. Its mechanism of action is that water under pressure removes food residues by performing light gum massage and preventing the formation of tartar. so that your teeth do not stagger than you can strengthen your gums

But whichever device you use for cleaning your mouth, you still need to follow the basic principles of care, which we will discuss below.

Basic principles of

How can gums be strengthened at home? Dental advice often comes down to the following principles:

  • Daily hygiene procedures. These include brushing your teeth, as well as removing remains of food with toothpicks and special threads.
  • Pay special attention to your meals. Excessively sweet and sour food badly affects not only the teeth, but also the gums. Unhealthy food provokes the multiplication of bacteria, which contribute to the development of the inflammatory process.

Rinse the mouth

How to strengthen the gum on its own? For this very often resort to such a procedure as rinsing. Such hygienic manipulations are carried out in the mornings and evenings, and after each meal.

If the rinsing of the mouth is not done with ordinary water, but with special solutions, then it becomes curative.

Kinds of solutions

How can I strengthen the gums? Means effective are sold in all pharmacies. Moreover, such solutions can be made independently.

how to strengthen the gums in the home

So, mouth rinsing is carried out:

  • Finished preparations. They can be bought at a pharmacy. After acquiring the product, it is necessary to study the instructions, as some preparations must be diluted with water. Of these solutions, the most effective are the following: Miramistin, Chlorophyllipt, Furacilin, Chlorhexidine, Forest Balsam, Rotokan, Malavit.
  • Herbs. The use of herbs for the preparation of medicinal broth should be selected with particular care. The peculiarity of such means is that it is forbidden to store them for a long time. Cook the broth every day.

How to strengthen the gums with folk remedies? To do this, use antibacterial plants such as chamomile and calendula. If you need painkillers and anti-inflammatory herbs, then yarrow and sage are used.

As for the bark of oak and St. John's wort, they have astringent effect.

Traditional recipes

How at home can you strengthen the gums? Councils of supporters of traditional medicine will help you get rid of bleeding, bad breath, and keep your teeth.

So, to strengthen the gums, you can use the following tools:

  • Chamomile broth. For its preparation, pour 2 large spoons of flowers 700 ml of boiling water and let it brew for about two hours. The resulting solution requires rinsing the mouth twice a day for three weeks. As you know, chamomile flowers strengthen the resistance of gums, heal wounds and relieve inflammation.
  • Broth of oak bark. To make it, 3 large spoons of crushed bark are poured into 500 ml of water and brought to a boil. The finished liquid is rinsed three times a day. Such a decoction eliminates bleeding, promotes the regeneration of damaged gums and strengthens them. how to strengthen the gums on your own at home
  • Decoction of mint and sage. To make it, mix 1 large spoon of these herbs and pour 250 ml of boiling water over them. After half an hour, the resulting liquid can rinse the mouth. Such procedures should be done in the morning and evening. As you know, mint and sage improve blood circulation in the gums.

Other recipes

So that your teeth will not loosen, how can you strengthen the gums? For this very often use aloe. Two large sheets of this house plant are ground and poured with 300 ml of water, and then boiled. Such a solution caresses the mouth after each meal.

How to strengthen the gum, every person should know. After all, no one is immune from inflammatory processes.

For the strengthening of gums at home, the ideal means are those that include salt and soda. Consider some recipes:

  • Hydrogen peroxide + soda + lemon. Mix ½ dessert spoon of baking soda and lemon juice, and then add 10 drops of peroxide to them. A ready-made compound requires every day to wipe the inflamed gums.
  • Salt sea + honey. To 2 dessert spoons of honey add 1 teaspoon of sea salt. Ingredients are thoroughly interfered with and every evening is applied to the gums. After some time, the mouth rinses well.
  • Salt + iodine. This homemade remedy imitates the composition of sea water. For its preparation in a glass of water add 3 drops of iodine and ½ dessert spoon of salt. With a ready solution, rinse your mouth after each meal. how to strengthen teeth and gums

Gum massage

So that your teeth will not loosen, how can you strengthen the gums? We described what folk remedies should be used in this case above. However, it should be noted that in order to improve blood circulation in the gums, they must be regularly massaged( for 4-6 minutes).To do this, the fingers are thoroughly washed and slightly moistened in fir or sea-buckthorn oil. After this massage the gums, gently pressing on them.

Medical Ointments and Gels

At home, you can strengthen the gums, not only folk remedies, but also various medications. They include ointments and gels. They not only contribute to the anesthesia of the gums, but also relieve them of bleeding, itching, burning and swelling. This is due to the formation of a protective film on the mucosa. Typically, these funds are used after rinsing the mouth several times a day.

The most effective and effective pharmacy ointments and gels include the following: Metrogil denta, Solcoseryl, Dental, Asepta, Kholisal.

For the treatment of flux on the gum or periostitis at home, you can use the ointment "Stomatophyte".Such a drug will quickly relieve pain and help stop the purulent process.

Summing up

Teeth's shakiness and bleeding gums are a phenomenon that can not be ignored. If you do not want to go to a dental clinic, you should improve your condition on your own. strengthen the gums means effective

Today, there are many tools for oral care. They can be purchased at the pharmacy or done by yourself. However, one should not overestimate one's own strengths. With severe pain, profuse bleeding and swelling of the gums, it is better to consult a doctor.