4 maternity hospital, Novosibirsk: reviews

Any maternity hospital is a special institution. Here the hard work of doctors and midwives is rewarded with the cries of newborns and the happiness of their parents.

The Novosibirsk City Clinical Perinatal Center is popularly known as "maternity hospital 4". Novosibirsk received the largest in the Ural state health care institution "NSGTs" in 1981.Later, in 1999, the institution was renamed. It began to bear the name Novosibirsk municipal maternity hospital number 4. However, in 2001 the authorities returned the former name, more appropriate to the status and profile. 4 maternity hospital in Novosibirsk

About the maternity home

What is rightfully proud of 4 maternity hospitals? Novosibirsk has become for his years of work a place where a highly qualified staff helped to bring to the light more than 85 thousand children. The profile of this institution is the management of complex pregnancies with the presence of Rh-conflict, late gestosis with the threat of pre-eclampsia. This medical facility is the largest center of obstetrics and gynecology in Western Siberia.

Thanks to the complete equipment of medical diagnostic equipment, the center not only successfully leads problem pregnancy, but also restores women's reproductive capabilities.

Ultrasonic diagnostics with color dopplerometric mapping( CDC), cardiotocography apparatus( CTG) function in the NHPC.In addition, the institution performs a complete cardiospectral analysis and biochemical study. In work with pregnant women use well-proven methods of treatment: UV of blood and discrete plasmapheresis.

What other services does the 4 maternity hospital( Novosibirsk) have? He provides emergency assistance with a clear threat of miscarriage, without a binding to the period of gestation. This is used in those cases where emergency care is required for difficult gestation( the state of pre-eclampsia, severe cases of late gestosis), diagnosis of extragenital pathology accompanying pregnancy, for example, cardiovascular diseases, liver, kidney disease, and so on.

The Novosibirsk City Clinical Perinatal Center provides services for conducting births with a burdened anamnesis, therapeutic and diagnostic care for those women who are at high risk( multiple pregnancy, low and polyhydramnios, fetal anomalies, umbilical cord, or labor).maternity hospital 4 novosibirsk

Structure and doctors

What does the 4 maternity hospital include? Novosibirsk, doctors and women of the city and the region, everyone knows that on the basis of the NHPC there are already 4 women's consultations. One of them is located directly in the maternity hospital. This allows you to better approach the issues of monitoring the pathologies that arise in the process of bearing a baby. In addition to the women's consultation, there is a hospital. In it, for pregnant women, departments of pathology, perinatal diagnostics, a generic operating unit, obstetric observatory units, resuscitation and anesthesiology work.

Did you know that children with birth weight of up to 1500 grams have been successfully and successfully nursed with incubators, artificial lung ventilation( IVL) and KTG maternity hospitals 4?Novosibirsk and the NGO "NGPTs", operating here, are achieving the lowest perinatal mortality rates in the Russian Federation for 15 years!

Newborns are operated by the resuscitative, observational, physiological, pediatric department. All of them are aimed at nursing preterm or those born with serious violations of children. 4 maternity hospital in Novosibirsk

Department of Pathology

What should be paid attention to those who enter the treatment in 4 maternity hospitals? Novosibirsk and the existing NGPC are proud of their scrupulous process of pregnancy management. For successful delivery of the patient, already at the first suspicions of complications of gestation, examination and treatment are carried out in the pathology unit. It is here that high-tech equipment operates for complete biochemical analysis, an ultrasound color scanner( CCD), an apparatus for recording the work of the heart of the fetus KTG, and so on. This makes it possible to predict the outcome of pregnancy with rather high accuracy.

In the Department of Women's Pathology, 6 people are accommodated in spacious wards. At the same time it is allowed to be in your clothes and receive transfers from relatives. A psychologist and a school for childbirth are working on the basis of the department. 4 hospital doctors in Novosibirsk

Maternity ward

In the department, where babies appear, three maternity hospitals are equipped. In each of them, three places for parturient women are provided. In the immediate vicinity of them are located prenatal chambers. They are designed for simultaneous presence of 4 people. The whole process of baby's birth is monitored by doctors with the help of equipment for monitoring the condition of the woman and the fetus. In the first period of labor, the woman giving birth can take comfortable poses, use the bath and shower. The baby and mother are not separated from the first moment, to adapt the child lay on the stomach to the mother immediately after birth. All these methods contribute to the maximally natural process of birth, which specializes in the NSPC of the NSO.

An interesting fact about the maternity hospital №4( Novosibirsk): this is the only medical institution in the city where independent labor after cesarean section is practiced. Future mothers will be interested to know that the experience of doctors of the city clinical perinatal center allows you to take the baby in the unconventional technique of vertical delivery. This reduces the risk of complications in both parturient women and newborns.

Postpartum department

In order for a woman to feel comfortable after birth, the NHPC has four-room wards with a shower and toilet. For physical and mental health, the baby is placed next to the mother, and the supplementary feeding is carried out strictly according to the indications.

What additional services does the newborn provide for 4 maternity hospitals? Novosibirsk and the state perinatal center located in it not only help to be born to children, but also take care of their health from the very first hours. In NGPTs there is a special branch of "Zdravitsa", where neonatologists with kids 3 days from the beginning begin procedures of hardening, massage and oxygen baths. childbirth in 4 maternity hospital in Novosibirsk


Taking into account the profile of the institution, pregnant women from other cities are often interested in whether the services of the maternity hospital 4( Novosibirsk)?Photos and information posted on the site of the state clinical perinatal center, describe a variety of programs, among which a woman can choose.

What exactly is included in the reimbursable program called "Comfortable childbirth"?When purchasing a service, a pregnant woman can count on a single room. You can stay in it as early as 38 weeks. The prenatal period and the birth itself will take place in individual boxes. At will allowed the presence of a family member, you can invite a future father or mother to partner childbirth. After birth, the baby is with his mother, and relatives can visit them directly in the ward. The premises are equipped with a refrigerator, TV, toilet and shower. Newborns are supplied with baby food. , maternity hospital 4 g Novosibirsk

What to take with you?

It is better to ask in advance what are allowed to carry things to the maternity ward. 4. The Novosibirsk City Clinical Perinatal Center asks to have personal belongings at the time of admission.

It is important for a pregnant woman to take things for herself at this stage. All that the newborn needs, the relatives will bring later, directly to the extract. So, what does the list look like in maternity hospital 4?Novosibirsk and the city's clinical perinatal center located here are allowed to bring:

  • Personal hygiene items( towel, wet wipes, toilet paper, cream, toothbrush).
  • Rubber slippers. Individual and drinking water utensils.


In order to get to delivery in 4 maternity homes in Novosibirsk you need to prepare:

  • Passport.
  • The policy of compulsory medical insurance( CHI).

Documents from the women's consultation are attached to them: the generic certificate, the sick leave sheet( copy), the exchange card with the diagnostic and analysis data, the accompanying sheet. list in the hospital 4 novosibirsk


How do pregnant women receive medical help from 4 maternity hospitals( Novosibirsk)?Comments from the townspeople are mostly very positive. Because the doctors of the city clinical perinatal center, as a rule, return faith in the possibility of a woman to become a mother or give birth naturally. Complex pregnancies require high qualification, sensitivity, experience and professionalism of doctors.

The perinatal center is not exactly a maternity hospital, it is a general clinic equipped with high-quality modern equipment and a staff of trained specialists. The NGPC has long proved that the staff of the clinic is able to cope even with very complex cases. In addition, the medical institution helps babies and mothers even after discharge.