Ethacrine acid: indications, contraindications, dosage

Ethacrine acid is an effective medicine in the presence of various violations of the functioning of the lungs and kidneys. Maybe she can help with problems with blood and brain. This substance is effective, but its administration should be done according to the doctor's prescription. It should not be consumed on its own.

ethacrylic acid

Exposure to the body

According to the principle of action, ethacrynic acid refers to strong diuretics. Due to this, it is similar in many respects to Furosemide, but it does not have a negative effect on the electrolyte composition of the blood. The number of anions and cations does not change, which supports the entire cellular system in the electrically neutral state. This property makes it quite popular and in demand. After using the drug, which contains the substance, the first effect occurs within an hour. It reaches its maximum effect in 120 minutes. In total, no more than 9 hours.

Indications for use

One of their medicines, which contains acid, is Ureit. It is recommended for people suffering from problems with the circulatory system, edema in diseases of the lungs and kidneys. But that is not all. The drug is prescribed for swelling and swelling of the brain, in the absence of the effect of other diuretics.

ethacrylic acid instruction

After administration, there is a slight decrease in blood pressure. This medication does not cause negative consequences when combined with drugs of the hypotensive group. Etacrynic acid is allowed for use in hypertensive patients.

Usage and dosage

The drug is used once a day - in the morning, after eating. The recommended dose is 50 mg. If there is no effect( after consulting a specialist), you can increase the dose to 100 or 200 mg. The best result can be achieved by taking the drug with interruptions in 1-2 days.

Instantaneous action can be achieved with an intravenous dose( not more than 50 mg).It is advisable at the course of therapy to adhere to a diet and to take funds, which include potassium. Abstract is always sold together with a drug that contains ethacrynic acid. The instruction is quite detailed. It tells that the medication should be taken after a doctor's consultation. In doing so, follow the recommendations indicated in the annotation.

Side effects of

It has been found that after prolonged use of this drug, the level of potassium and chloride in the blood can decrease. It also increases the level of alkali. It is advisable to take potassium at the course of therapy with this drug or to consume more potassium-containing products: nuts, bananas, potatoes and peas. This will eliminate the negative consequences, will strengthen the diuretic effect.

ethacrynic acid form of release

In addition, ethacrynic acid should be avoided in renal failure. Alternative replacement is a substance furosemide, which is carried by the body much easier. Also, after taking this drug, dizziness, increased weakness, digestive problems are possible.


As with any medicine, ethacrynic acid has some contraindications, which must be taken into account in the treatment. The drug is prohibited for use by pregnant women and people with urinary problems. With cirrhosis, specialist consultation and examination are required. Children are prescribed in reduced doses, in the absence of the effect of other diuretics. Before its reception it is necessary to consult with the doctor, and at treatment - to observe all its or his references in accuracy.


Usually in the blisters sold ethacrylic acid. The form of release - tablets and ampoules. They are placed in a package of 20 pieces. Each tablet contains a standard dose of 50 mg.

ethacrylic acid reviews


Taking the drug requires medical supervision. Etacrynic acid is prescribed by a doctor. Judging by the reviews, it should be stored in a dark, cool and inaccessible place for children. Patients note that ethacrynic acid is an effective drug. It can help with many diseases.

But since it has not only advantages, but also drawbacks, its reception should be prescribed by a doctor, and it should be used according to the instructions. Etakrinovaya acid reviews of doctors and patients has only positive. They note its effectiveness and first-class therapeutic qualities.