"Fermatron S"( "Fermatron S"): instruction manual, reviews, description, analogies

Diseases of the musculoskeletal system bother many people. One of these ailments is osteoarthritis. As a result of the disease, the cartilaginous tissue of the joints is affected, the person moves with difficulty. Help in the fight against the problem called "Fermatron C".This is a new generation drug, and several injections are sufficient to achieve the optimal result. Introduced only by an experienced doctor, otherwise it will not bring benefits, but harm.

Characteristics of

"Fermatron C" is a highly effective tool and prevents the destruction of joints. It is designed for the treatment of moderate and mild osteoarthritis. The medication is injected with a syringe into the synovial space. The duration of treatment is up to six months. The use of non-sulfated glycosaminoglycan in joint therapy has become a reality due to cutting-edge synthesis and purification technologies. Therefore, the drug with hyaluronic acid is compatible with human tissue.

Description of the release form, packing

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"Fermatron C" 2.3%( 3 ml) contains the active component of sodium hyaluronate with a transverse molecular bond in the proportion of 69 mg / 3ml. It is a synthetic polysaccharide, similar to the hyaluronate of the human body. In two milliliters of medical solution contains about 20 mg of hyalon. Its effect is similar to the work of synovial fluid.

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Three milliliters of a sterile solution of sodium hyaluronate are enclosed in a syringe, which is intended for a single joint injection. Packed in a blister and cardboard box with a yellow stripe. The syringe was treated with ethylene oxide. It is intended for joint injection. Refers to the pharmacological group of drugs that regulate metabolic processes.

Pharmacological effects on the body

"Fermatron S" is used for the treatment of synovial joints, mainly knee joints. The drug is similar in composition to the joint fluid of the human body, restores its viscosity. After application of the drug in patients, a significant improvement in the work of the musculoskeletal system is observed. The rheological status of damaged tissues rises.

Sodium hyaluronate triggers the reconstruction process, after which the joint starts producing an individual endogenous hyaluronate. Positively affects the mobility of the synovial joint. He heals him. Eliminates pain. Protects the already worn out cartilage of the joint.

Pharmacodynamics is based on the physico-chemical properties of the drug and unique biocompatibility. The drug is not rejected by the body because of the similarity with the human synovial fluid.

The drug is synthesized by the metabolic decomposition of Streptococcus equi. After this process, the substance is cleaned. The mechanism of action of hyaluronic acid is the performance of lubrication of the joints. With a strong impact on the joint, the drug includes a protective function of depreciation. This is due to the synovial cell, which serves as a purifying filter. It misses only those molecules and cells that positively affect the cartilage, and delays the harmful.

"Fermatron C" is simply necessary in the progressing stage of arthrosis. It not only eliminates the problem, but also effectively affects the root cause of the disease. As a result, inflammation of the joints decreases, and protective functions are restored. Appears elasticity and viscosity of the synovial fluid. After a certain period, the stiffness of the joint disappears.

Indications for use

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"Fermatron S" - this is a real assistant in the fight against joint diseases. Often it is used for pain relief, to reduce joint stiffness, especially such as knee joint. Prevents traumatic, degenerative degradation of limbs. It is often used after arthroscopic operations. Prescribed to people suffering from osteoarthritis of varying severity.


fermatron with description

An excellent result in the treatment of osteoarthritis is provided by "Fermatron C".Description of the drug draws attention to the contraindications, in which it can not be used. First of all, it is:

  • excessive sensitivity to the active ingredient of the drug - sodium hyaluronate;
  • abrasions and wounds, fresh and not yet healed in the area of ​​the affected joint;
  • infectious and inflammatory processes;
  • lymphatic or venous stasis;
  • gestation period;
  • age category up to 18 years.

Do not use a medical product to stop the inflammatory process with a progressive synovitis."Fermatron C" in this case does not give the desired result, since its therapeutic effectiveness is reduced by diluting the agent with synovial fluid. Anesthetic agents and similar medications should not be used during treatment. The drug is not prescribed for patients with inflammatory diseases, such as Bechterew's disease and rheumatoid arthritis.

It is forbidden to use injections during the breastfeeding period.

Side effects

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Like any medication, it can not only positively influence the human body, but also cause side effects of "Fermatron C".The instruction speaks about such phenomena as insignificant reddening, constant incessant pain syndrome, sensation of warming of a joint, swelling of an articular bag. These ailments can be eliminated by applying a cold compress for 5-10 minutes. After the administration of the drug, a slight intraarticular exudation is possible. In rare cases, an allergy was recorded. All these symptoms disappear on their own and do not require additional treatment.

The drug is not mutagenic and non-toxic. Its active ingredient is perfectly absorbed by the human body and rarely causes side effects.

No cases of drug overdose have been established.

How to enter correctly?

Fermatron with reviews of patients

Only an experienced doctor can make injections of the drug "Fermatron C".Instructions for use( reviews draw attention to the high cost of the drug) states that the agent is injected directly into the joint. Therapy can be performed both in the polyclinic and at home.

The finished injection is intended for single administration, includes 3.0 ml of "Fermatron C".The solution is introduced only into the affected synovial region. The course consists of 3-5 injections administered at intervals of seven days.

When administering the drug should adhere to such rules:

  • disinfect the skin with any antiseptic and allow it to dry;
  • to inject into the affected part of the joint( if manipulation takes place on the hip joint, it is necessary to ensure a special accuracy of placing the needle of the syringe, for this, use fluoroscopic or ultrasound guidance);
  • provide local anesthesia to the patient, especially if the prick is made into the hip;
  • aspiration of joint effusion and intraarticular manipulation is done with a single needle;
  • the inner contents of the syringe is sterile, so only a sterile needle is connected to it, the syringe has a Luer cannula;
  • neither the syringe nor the needle can not be reused, after the medical procedure they must be discarded.

Do not use the drug without prescribing a doctor and administer it yourself. Otherwise, this can lead to the most unfortunate consequences.

Special instructions

It should not be used for serious intra-articular sweatiness "Fermatron C"( reviews of patients say that improvements after the injection occur within a month).

fermatron with reviews of doctors

Medical personnel should fully comply with the rules for the introduction of intra-articular injections. Skin in the area of ​​the procedure is treated with antiseptics, but not with preparations with quaternary ammonium salts. The solution is warmed to room temperature before the procedure.

Peri-articular injection manipulation into the capsule of the joint or synovial tissue is unacceptable. This technique of introducing a solution provokes side effects. Also, care should be taken to ensure that the product does not enter the bloodstream. After injections, the patient should take care of himself and in every possible way protect the joint from the loads.

Studies on the compatibility of sodium hyaluronate with other intraarticular drugs have not been conducted. But the treatment with "Fermatron C" can be combined with anti-inflammatory and anesthetic medicines.

Terms and conditions for storage of

"Fermatron C" can be stored for three years. The most acceptable temperature regime is + 2 ° С. .. + 25 ° С. The medicine does not freeze. Keep it should be in a dark, cool, protected from direct sunlight, a place inaccessible to children. The drug is intended for single use.

"Fermatron C": analogues

An important point - the price. It is not cheap "Fermatron S".In order not to overpay again, people are looking for analogues of a drug. To date, the pharmacy network sells up to seventeen types of synovial fluid protectors. Here are some of them:

  • "Ostenil".The most popular drug. You can buy at almost any pharmacy. Sold in different dosages.20 mg / 2 ml is about 2,000 rubles. Produced in Germany.
  • "RusVisk".Russian means of a new generation. The price is 2900 rubles for one injection of 2 ml. Rarely found in pharmacies.
  • "Sinocrome".Packed in packages of 20 mg / 2 ml, 40 mg / 2 ml and 10 mg / 1 ml. Does not cause side effects. Completely absorbed by the body. There are miniature syringes for the therapy of small joints. Also there is a package for the treatment of several joints. It is made in Austria. The cost varies between 3000-6000 rubles per injection. The price depends on the dosage of the drug.
  • "Duralan".The most expensive analogue. Its price reaches 14-19 thousand rubles for one syringe. The cost is due to the composition, which includes purified hyaluronic acid, synthesized according to the American technology Non Animal Hyaluronic Acid. To achieve the result, one injection, once every six months or a year, is sufficient.

This is only a small part of the existing analogs. To find the most suitable for yourself, you need to consult a doctor.

Varieties of "Fermatron"

Manufacturer Hyaltech has created a whole line of "Fermatron".These are drugs that replace articular fluid, helping to keep the joint in working condition without hormonal therapy and surgical intervention. A series of these tools includes:

  • "Fermatron" 1% sodium hyaluronate 20 mg / 2 ml. The course is designed for five procedures, and the treatment lasts for five days.
  • "Fermatron Plus" 30 mg / 2 ml. Offers therapy of three injections of frequency per week.
  • "Fermatron S"( reviews about him note the importance of introducing the drug specialist).Contains 2.3% sodium hyaluronate 69 mg / 3 ml. The course contains one injection.

All of the above drugs are actively fighting with osteoarthritis. Their difference consists only in the concentration of the active substance.

The cost in pharmacies

"Fermatron" is easy to buy in any major city. Its price for one syringe varies from 12 to 20 thousand. You can buy medicine in an online pharmacy, but it's not easy to find it.

"Fermatron C": reviews of patients

Fermatron with instruction on application reviews

Patients' opinions about the drug vary. Someone noticed the changes in the state almost immediately. Someone improved a month later."Fermatron C" helps people even with a third degree of arthrosis. The joints become more mobile, the night pain subsides. The reviews include information that this remedy gives a lasting effect that lasts up to six months.

In negative responses it is noted that the drug was completely useless. Has not given any result and only worsened the situation. Some people after the injection in the joint developed a strong pain, which did not remove any painkillers. Fluid accumulation in the popliteal bag after injection was noted. They say that the result may be, but it is by no means fast.

Often used in the treatment of arthrosis of varying severity, "Fermatron C".The doctors' comments point out that the drug is strong, and it should be used with great care. Not every patient can afford it, so cheaper analogues are often prescribed. The drug has a long healing effect and gives a very good lasting result.