The disease of the Mondor triad: symptoms and help

The complex of symptoms of acute inflammation in the abdominal region is often called the Mondor triad, after a French surgeon. The disease is relatively rare, but doctors should easily identify the type of ailment. In this description, a developed perforation of the internal organs, called a perforated ulcer, is suggested. The problematic organs are the stomach or duodenum.

What are the symptoms?

The Mondari Triad is described as a set of acute conditions in the upper abdomen. The French surgeon examined the critical conditions of patients requiring urgent resuscitation. It is impossible to procrastinate in such cases, it is a question of saving a person's life. monad thrill

The Mondari triad in the works of a practicing surgeon-researcher( 1885-1962) includes 3 types of clinical symptoms:

  1. Acute intolerable pain in the upper abdomen. The malaise does not pass. There is also a discrepancy in the heart rate pulse.
  2. The effect of the pad in the press area, the constrained state. Spasms often do not give a normal breathing.
  3. Symptoms of malaise that accurately indicate a problem site - stomach or duodenum.

The Mondari Triad allows physicians to more accurately diagnose the prostatic gastric ulcer. On clinical symptoms immediately go to surgical intervention, so the time of searching for the causes of malaise is reduced. Surgeons start to help immediately without additional tests.

Additional indications of malaise

The Mondor triad with perforated ulcer is unexplored in relation to the formation of a critical condition of the patient. Scientists are only speculating. Leading point of view about the violation of the immune system, which triggers an ulcer process. symptom of acute pancreatitis

Perforation formation can be easily confused with other symptomatic complications:

  • acute pancreatitis;
  • developed cholecystitis;
  • intestinal obstruction;
  • renal colic;
  • appendicitis.

If one of these complications is detected, the diagnosis is carried out for the Mondor triad. If the last condition occurs, the patient is immediately rushed to the clinic. In the process of transportation often there are unforeseen circumstances that require activities to save a person. Therefore, in the ambulance, the patient is carefully observed.

Men are more inclined to punching, and the disease appears in an absolutely healthy person for no apparent reason. Distinguish complications in the place of education of malaise: in the abdominal cavity of the free region, lesion of the walls of the stomach, retroperitoneal space.

Diagnosis of a malaise

With a differentiated examination, the listed complications are established for the symptoms studied. So, acute cholecystitis is determined by the initial signs: pain in the upper part of the stomach, it often gives to the upper right side of the trunk. The patient has a high body temperature, vomiting remains until the secretion of bile. However, in the early stages of compaction of the muscles of the abdominal wall is not probed. triad of the monster with a perforated ulcer

The symptom of acute pancreatitis has recurring episodes. Observe vomiting, shrouding pain. The muscles are relaxed, the patient feels uncomfortable in the kidneys. With this complication, surgical intervention is not required, the treatment is medicated.

Intestinal obstruction is characterized by bloating and lower parts of the abdomen. There is a lack of feces, colic due to the accumulation of gases. The pains appear and disappear chaotically.

Appendicitis occurs with acute and dull pain on the right side. The raised temperature of a body does not fall down, at palpation of a stomach the patient feels lumbago. The muscles of the peritoneum are tense. Renal colic is comparable in symptoms with obstruction, but the patient has frequent bowel movements and vomiting.

Description of development of clinical signs

The critical condition is formed suddenly. It all begins with unbearable pain, which is difficult to endure even for an adult man. At this moment, any movement immediately gives into the nerve endings, the abdominal muscles are overstrained, the person is immobilized. Vomiting and severe weakness are observed about 6 hours, then it can get better. But for a little while, after 12 hours everything repeats itself.

The phase of calmness often takes place in the ambulance. If the attack recurs again, it will be difficult to help the patient on the road. The stage of inflammation is defined as peritonitis. The task of medical personnel is to overcome the consequences of such a complication.

Causes of the development of the critical state

The Mondari triad in pancreatitis appears due to destruction in the walls of the internal organs of the digestive system. Peaks of inflammatory processes occur during the off-season. Ulcerous formations are referred to as the main sources of perforation. monador triad with pancreatitis

Provocators of such conditions are:

  • The walls of internal organs suffer from increased intra-abdominal pressure due to injuries, physical training.
  • Ulcer appears due to stress, psychological overexertion.
  • Digestive disorders begin from hunger, malnutrition.
  • Drugs are able to thin the walls of the intestine and stomach.

How to deal with the complication?

Acute perforation conditions, such as peritonitis, are eliminated under operating conditions. The main task is to shorten the interval between the onset of an attack and first aid as soon as possible. Dangerous are the moments when transportation to the hospital takes more than 3 hours. pulse mismatch

The entrapped contents are extracted through a perforation with a special probe. Strictly forbidden to wash the stomach and move the patient on their own. He is taken to the clinic on a stretcher. The surgeon needs full information from emergency personnel about first aid procedures.