A carcinogen is what? Exposure to carcinogens

Every case of oncological disease is a carcinogen. This is the factor that causes malignant process.

The International Agency for Research on Cancer( IARC) found that in 2012, Russia was on the fifth place in the world in terms of the number of patients who died from cancer. In terms of 100 000 population, our country was a sad championship - 122.5.Over the past decade, the incidence rate has increased by 25%.

The causes of tumors

Do not think that a carcinogen is just some kind of harmful substance. The physical factors that can cause cancer are radiation, ultraviolet and electromagnetic radiation, sometimes - a prolonged mechanical impact and even noise.

Predisposition to the emergence of certain types of tumors can be inherited, that is, laid down in genetics.

The most common cause is considered to be viruses, bad ecology, harmful production and household conditions, improper cooking, storage and consumption of certain food products.

There are also psychological reasons, for example, t

he state of stress caused by personal problems or social upheavals, especially in combination with some character traits.

Weakened protection of

Normally a human body is quite capable of fighting the threat of cancer. The changes that carcinogens cause at the cellular level occur all the time. After all, we do not live in ideal conditions. But as long as the immune system is coping, a person is protected.

Mechanisms are activated that allow to recognize and remove damaged cells in time.

Exposure to carcinogens that persists over time may result in impaired protection. At some point, immunity fails, and malignant growth can become uncontrollable.

How carcinogens are studied

The chemical theory of carcinogenesis has been experimentally confirmed, it is proved that there is a direct relationship between the onset of tumors and the dose, the duration of exposure, and the composition and activity of certain substances.

Reference books have been created, the nomenclature of natural and synthetic compounds that threaten the emergence of malignant tumors of animals and humans is expanding.

Many laboratories of the world are working to establish the mechanism of malignant tumors, depending on what substances are carcinogens and in what dose they act on experimental animals.

To obtain an experimental cancer, cell cultures are used, as well as specially deduced lines of laboratory mice, rats and larger animals up to the anthropoid apes.

The changes that occur in tissues and cells after the administration of the substance are examined using the most modern methods.

Where does the danger come from?

Why are there so many patients? Virtually no family in Russia has not been spared this trouble. The elderly and young, men and women are ill, young children suffer.

Even if you do not talk about stress at work, fatigue, uncertainty in the future, resentment and other experiences that weaken health, and stop only on the "real" causes of oncological diseases, you can identify a lot.

In production, a carcinogen is:

  • benzene, benzapyrene;
  • asbestos;
  • arsenic, nickel, mercury, lead, cadmium, chromium;
  • coal tar, soot;
  • creosote, petroleum oils and many other agents.

Work in mines, coke, shoe, furniture, rubber and various other harmful industries leads to a significant cancer risk.

In everyday life, the danger is represented by:

  • natural radon in basements and lower floors of buildings;
  • exhaust gases;
  • emissions from industrial plants and boilers;
  • many building and finishing materials;
  • furniture made of polymers;
  • household chemicals, solvents;
  • tobacco smoke( especially passive smoking), chewing tobacco.

And this is also not an exhaustive list of possible reasons for getting sick of someone dear to you.

Surprisingly, many medicines are on the list of carcinogens.

Dangerous Food

Where do carcinogens from products come from? How does malnutrition affect the increase in cancer risk?

It is necessary to pay attention to the correct storage of products. Aflatoxin, produced by mold fungi, affecting cereals, flour, nuts when stored in damp conditions, is a strong carcinogen.

It is extremely dangerous to use overdue, rancid, overcooked, repeatedly heated fats. It is from them then the body will build cell membranes, synthesize hormones. Biomolecules built from spoiled "bricks" become a source of distorted information that disrupts the proper functioning of all systems.

Substances produced in fried meat can cause various types of tumors, including prostate cancer.

Excess consumption of not only animal fats, but also margarines, refined oils worsens lipid metabolism. In combination with various toxic effects, this can lead to the appearance of malignant tumors, including hormone-dependent ones. The predominance of omega-6 over omega-3 fatty acids in food can also act as a carcinogenic factor.

The abuse of refined carbohydrates disrupts the sensitivity of cells to insulin, leading to premature aging, fat deposition and reduced immunity.

The habit of paying attention to the composition and shelf life of the food you buy, as well as the consumption of green, red, orange fruits and vegetables, seafood, unrefined oils, fresh nuts will help to maintain health.

When honey becomes a poison

Honey is considered a curative product. It is used for colds, loss of strength, exhaustion, tuberculosis and many other diseases. Quality honey, collected in ecologically clean places, certainly is curative.

But only until it was heated above 50 degrees Celsius, then honey is a carcinogen, because it increases the amount of oxymethylfurfural.

This substance is formed when the sugars are heated in an acidic environment, there is also cognac, carbonated drinks, sweets, tinted, scorched bread. Honey, brought from southern countries or stored for a long time, also contains an increased amount of methylfurfural. Russian standards of its content in products are stricter than in the EU countries.

If one or two times a year pamper yourself with a honey or as many times bake the meat in a honey marinade, probably nothing terrible will happen. But if it happens weekly, then the risk of getting sick certainly will increase.

Therefore, it should be more criticized to read recipes from culinary shows and glossy magazines, evaluating not only the beauty and taste of the dishes presented, but also their potential harm.

The most important finding of

A carcinogen is a substance that accumulates in the body, acts on the cellular level and changes the way of dividing somatic cells. Their reproduction ceases to be a controlled process - this is the essence of malignant diseases.

Tumor grows and feeds on the body, killing it.

Refusal from smoking, proper nutrition, physical activity, vigorous disposition of the spirit - is entirely within the power of an individual. Improvement of the ecological situation, observance of protective measures in harmful production, timely access to a doctor will save lives.