Collar of Shantz with cervical osteochondrosis: reviews( photos)

After 40 years almost 80% of people suffer from cervical osteochondrosis. The reasons for the development of such pathology are many, especially if we take into account the modern sedentary lifestyle, a general immersion in the virtual world. Therefore, young people already have inflammatory processes in the cervical spine. Measures to combat this disease are quite a lot - for example, the collar of Shantz with cervical osteochondrosis has positive reviews. It is worthwhile to figure out what kind of adaptation this is and what indications to use it has.

The purpose of the collar

The collar of the Shantz is sometimes simply called the neck tire, which serves as a temporary replacement for the support apparatus. This device has the form of a frame of flexible material, it is fastened around the neck and fixes the vertebrae.

The Shanz collar has the following effect on the cervical spine:

  1. Does not allow bending in the cervical spine.
  2. Has a warming effect.
  3. Has a slight massage effect.
  4. Eliminates the strain on the neck muscles.
  5. Normalizes blood circulation in the damaged area of ​​the spine. collar trench with cervical osteochondrosis reviews

When wearing such a collar, the patient feels complete peace in the cervical region, which provides a reduction in pain.

Variation of collar

This device has several options.

  1. A device that has an inflatable mechanism between the strips of material. After fixing on the neck, inflation occurs with the help of a special pear. In the process of using this collar, the vertebrae are stretched and pressure on the blood vessels is eliminated, the blood flow is normalized.
  2. The collar of Shantz with cervical osteochondrosis, a photo it demonstrates, can represent a completely inflatable mechanism. It allows you to fix the spine at the level that is most comfortable. Eliminates the possibility of head tilt, and the disease less clearly manifests its symptoms.
  3. Hard plastic neck collars are made of plastic or metal. They are most often used for neck fractures.

It should be noted that when wearing inflatable collars, the physician must select the inflation force depending on the degree of damage to the body and the patient's condition. collar trench with cervical osteochondrosis photo

Features of neck collars

It should be understood that the collar of Shants in itself with cervical osteochondrosis gets good reviews, but this is only if it is used in the complex therapy of this disease. He is not able to eliminate the problems that have arisen in the spinal column, but it helps to achieve temporary relief and reduce the severity of the symptoms.

The second name of it - the cervical crutch - just shows that it serves as a support for the neck muscles, supports the head and neck in the correct position, which significantly reduces the load on the muscular apparatus.

Therapeutic effect of the use of the collar

The collar of Shantz in cervical osteochondrosis reviews has more positive, as a result it is possible to achieve the following effect:

  1. The pain syndrome decreases or disappears altogether. All vertebrae are fixed in the correct position and there is no risk of unsuccessfully turning the head and pinching the nerve end.
  2. As a result of wearing a collar, the patient's back muscles are strengthened, and this can already ensure that after treatment the osteochondrosis will not return.
  3. The blood flow in the vessels of the neck is restored, which improves the nutrition and blood supply of the brain cells. Stop headaches, numbness.
  4. The general condition of the body is normalized, sleep improves. collar trench with cervical osteochondrosis how much to wear

If you combine wearing a collar with medical therapy and physiotherapy procedures, you can get good results in a short time.

Advantages of the Shandz collar

It is not recommended to use this product continuously. Otherwise, it threatens the habituation of the cervical vertebrae and muscles to constant support and they will be in a relaxed state, which will lead to their atrophy. There were numerous studies of the collar of Shantz, which revealed his advantages over similar devices.

  1. When wearing a collar, the patient feels comfortable and calm, the movements are sure.
  2. In combination with drugs, recovery is faster.
  3. Collar of Shantz with cervical osteochondrosis( reviews, photos confirm this) are soft and comfortable, which in no way prevents the implementation of the usual cases. After the beginning of use, adaptation and habituation take place imperceptibly.
  4. The technique of using the collar allows you to quickly get rid of osteochondrosis. collar trench with cervical osteochondrosis photo review

Indications for the use of the collar

There are many conditions and diseases in which wearing a Shant collar is shown, here are some of them:

  1. Recovery period after surgery.
  2. Osteochondrosis in any period.
  3. Muscular spasms in the neck that provoke headache, tinnitus, dizziness.
  4. Problems with posture.
  5. Cardiopathic syndrome.
  6. If there is a displacement of the vertebrae in the cervical region.
  7. Compression of the spinal cord.
  8. In order to reduce muscle tension in the neck.
  9. Syndrome of the vertebral artery. collar trench with cervical osteochondrosis how to choose

Contraindications to the wearing of the collar

Despite the fact that the collar of Shanz in cervical osteochondrosis reviews is excellent, there are some contraindications to its use. They can be the following:

  • if the patient has a pronounced cervical spine instability;
  • in the presence of dermatological diseases.

The collar of Shantz in case of cervical osteochondrosis of contraindication is small, therefore practically all patients who develop such a disease can use it as an auxiliary therapy.

How to choose the collar

Before you go behind the collar, you need to understand the difference between him and the orthopedic fixer. Shantz's collar is made of polyurethane foam - it is a soft and elastic material, biologically inert, that is, does not cause allergic reactions. On top there is a fabric cover( most often made of cotton).

Orthopedic fixators in shape very much resemble collars, but they are made of medical plastic, to exact dimensions and to order.

The question arises: "If the doctor recommended wearing the collar of Shantz with cervical osteochondrosis, how to choose it correctly?"It is necessary to observe some nuances:

  1. After the collar is worn around the neck, it should limit mobility, that is, one should not bend the head forward or lean back.
  2. The height of the collar should coincide with the length of the neck.
  3. The bottom line of the collar should be at the base of the neck, and the top - the skull.
  4. From the front, the collar must support the jaw and chin, and the bottom should go parallel to the clavicles.
  5. If the size of the collar is selected correctly, then it should fit snugly to the neck, but do not cause a feeling of squeezing. collar trench with cervical osteochondrosis contraindications

Before buying such a collar, it is necessary to consult a doctor, he will tell you how to make the right choice.

How long should I wear the product?

It has already been said that it is impossible to constantly wear such a corset for the neck. Most often, the time of wearing a collar per day is about two hours. It depends on the type of disease and its degree, as well as the condition of the patient. If you are assigned the collar of Shantz with cervical osteochondrosis, how much to wear such a product, it is necessary to check with the doctor. Some patients are shown to wear twice a day for 1-1.5 hours.

The duration of such treatment is also determined individually. Simultaneously with wearing a collar, patients are usually advised to undergo physiotherapy and take appropriate medications.

Any disease requires an integrated approach to its treatment. Modern medicine has in its stock numerous methods and ways to get rid of the ailments, the most important thing is that patients comply with all the doctor's recommendations and responsibly approach their health.