How to calculate the ideal weight? Basic methods

The reality of modern life is such that all those around you with rare exceptions want to lose weight. Of course, this desire is very commendable, because the lack of excess weight makes you feel comfortable not only physically, but also psychologically. The main thing - it is necessary in all to observe the measure and carefully to ensure that the desire to lose weight ultimately did not lead to such a disease as anorexia. That is why it is very important to know how much weight is considered ideal for each person. In this regard, many would like to know how to calculate the ideal weight.

At present, there are several fundamentally different ways of calculating the ideal weight. However, no matter which particular method is used, it must always be remembered that the results obtained in the calculations are not entirely accurate, because they will be generalized. Therefore, having received the result of weight, which is considered ideal, it is necessary to make an amendment to your individual characteristics: growth, physique, lifestyle and many others. After all, without taking these factors into account, you can eventually achieve weight, which according to calculations will be ideal, but only the appearance will suffer. So, for example, the ideal weight for asthenics and hypersthenics, having the same growth, can differ by 12-15 kilograms.

Today, most nutritionists and doctors distinguish three main ways of how to calculate the ideal weight. Each of them has its own peculiarities and nuances, and therefore it should not be surprising that the results will be different.

The first of these is extremely simple: you need to take 110 from your height. The resulting figure will be your ideal weight. The second method is based on the calculation of the body mass index. For this, the current weight is divided by the squared height. If the figure is less than 19, the person is underweight, if more than 26 - excessive, bordering on obesity. If the result is between 19 and 26, the weight is ideal.

In order to learn how to calculate the ideal weight in another way, it is necessary to measure the chest girth on inhaling and exhaling. Two of these indicators are summarized and multiplied by the growth in centimeters. The resulting figure is divided by 240, and now the result shows the ideal weight.

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There are a lot of ways to calculate the ideal weight, and each of them is good in its own way. In any case, one should not forget that an important role in such calculations is played by individual characteristics, which, unfortunately, are rarely taken into account by different systems of calculations.