How to find out the women's home counseling? Can I register with any women's consultation?

Pregnancy is the most beautiful time in a woman's life. To your body, the representative of the weaker sex should be treated with all responsibility. However, some women after they see two strips on the test, do not rush to go to the doctor. And this is due, first of all, to the fact that the future mother is afraid to get to a bad specialist. After all, he will have to trust not only his life, but also the future of a small man.

how to find out women A medical institution where pregnancy will be observed should be chosen in advance. It is not necessary to visit the institution at the place of residence. A woman can be seen with any doctor. It is worth studying the rights of pregnant women in women's counseling so that you can protect yourself in any situation.

How to register for pregnancy?

According to the law of the Russian Federation, every woman who has an insurance policy has the right to register for pregnancy in any city in the country. The official registration does not matter. Therefore, the future mother can choose independently, in which medical institution the expert will observe the pregnancy. How to find out the women's home counseling? It is advisable to consult a therapist at the polyclinic or clarify the information in the insurance company that issued the policy.

women The policy of compulsory medical insurance is issued at the place of work. Unemployed women need to contact one of the insurance companies at their place of residence. The absence of a policy is not an excuse for refusing to register a woman. However, the pregnant woman will have many restrictions. For any medical services have to pay.

How can I register with a women's consultation without a residence permit? In the same way as with a residence permit. To contact a medical institution convenient for you with a passport and a MHI policy. To refuse have no right.

When should I call a doctor for the first time? The faster the better. On the account, many experts recommend to get up no earlier than 7 weeks. But preliminary it is necessary to find out, whether pregnancy progresses normally, whether pathologies are absent.

If you start to see a doctor for up to 12 weeks, you can get a one-time compensation, which will depend on the average income of a woman in the last six months. In addition, timely access to a doctor allows you to avoid many problems in the future. If pregnancy develops incorrectly, in early terms it can be interrupted with minimal losses for a woman.

how can I register with a women The fact that a woman is registered with a pregnancy is indicated by an exchange card. This is the main document of the future childbirth. Here will contain all the information about the analysis, the state of health of women and the future of the baby. How to find out the women's consultation at the place of residence in order to issue an exchange card? You can check with the district therapist for more information.

Execution of the exchange card

This basic document gives the right to a pregnant woman to give birth in any maternity hospital. If a woman is admitted to a medical institution with fights, but the exchange card is not available, she will be assisted in the infection block. Thus, it is possible to protect other representatives of the weaker sex, as well as their newborn babies.

whether it is possible to be registered in any women To get an exchange card, you need to contact any women's consultation and provide a compulsory medical insurance policy. A specialist will prescribe a number of tests and will conduct a survey. After the picture regarding the woman's health is clear, an exchange card will be issued. The document on hands give out at once. It is necessary to have it with you at all times throughout your pregnancy.

You need to wear a card for every appointment with a doctor. The regime of visiting a specialist depends on the course of pregnancy. In most cases, you have to contact a women's consultation once a month. But starting from the 28th week of pregnancy, a doctor should be visited once every two weeks. Before you get to know a women's consultation at your place of residence, you should decide on a possible regime for visiting a specialist. This is especially important for working women. Most medical facilities are open from 8:00 to 17:00.

Can I refuse medical help?

Every future mother must know her rights. Can I register with any women's consultation? Can I refuse medical help? Such questions often arise in pregnant women. Choose any medical institution will be without problems if there is a health insurance policy. But a complete refusal of assistance will lead to a number of problems. First of all, we will have to forget about state compensation. In addition, the absence of an exchange card will lead to problems during the period of childbirth.

women A woman who was not registered for pregnancy can cause increased interest in the child from social services. This should also be remembered.

Do I have to take tests?

There are a number of mandatory activities, without which a woman can not be registered for pregnancy. This includes tests for sexually transmitted diseases and AIDS.In addition, you should take a survey of the main specialists. This will identify possible chronic diseases. If there is a policy of compulsory medical insurance, any manipulations in the medical institution are free of charge. From paid analysis, a woman has the right to refuse.

Any woman's consultation can be chosen as the future mother. To which women's consultation refers to the address of residence, you can check with neighbors who have already encountered such a question.

What does the doctor have to explain to the pregnant woman?

Unfortunately, many future mothers have little understanding of issues related to obstetrics and gynecology. The doctor is obliged to tell the woman about the need for an ultrasound examination, an additional medical examination. A pregnant woman should know all the negative and positive aspects of the procedure and make a decision for herself. If necessary, the gynecologist prescribes treatment with medications. He should explain the purpose of their introduction. A woman has the right to consult another specialist. When refusing to undergo procedures and examination, the doctor must take a receipt from the woman. Here, the reason for refusing medical manipulation is necessarily indicated.

how to find out your lcd Before registering, it is necessary to visit a lawyer who can thoroughly explain all the rights and responsibilities of a pregnant woman. Each patient has the right to a friendly and professional attitude of the doctor to himself. According to the law, a pregnant woman can choose a doctor herself, to which she will be registered. How to find out the women's home counseling? This information can be consulted without problems.

What if I had to give birth in another city

Specialists do not recommend women to travel late in pregnancy. But the situation is different. In the presence of an exchange card, births are allowed in any medical institution. The same applies to situations in which a pregnant woman in a foreign city has health problems. If the situation is in the capital, any women's counseling in Moscow can be visited. The place of residence will only have to provide information about the treatment. The basic information will be entered in the exchange card.

What does a woman have the right to know?

The future mother has the full right to get acquainted with the results of the tests, with the doctor's entry in the exchange card, ask the specialist questions about his state of health. The doctor, in turn, is obliged to provide full information to the future mother, give her recommendations. The specialist should remember that any data concerning a pregnant woman are confidential.

rights of pregnant women in women Before you know your LCD, any representative of the weaker sex must learn their rights.

Summing up

The health of not only the future mother, but also the baby depends on the choice of the doctor who will lead the pregnancy. Therefore, the choice of a medical institution should be taken with full responsibility, especially if it is a women's consultation. To what female consultation the address of residing concerns, it is possible without problems to learn or find out in a local out-patient department.

A woman must know her rights. This will protect yourself in an unusual situation. It is worth remembering that virtually all services in medical institutions are free of charge for policyholders.