Interrupting the binge at home: testimonials about the methods

Long regular use of alcohol in large doses leads to the emergence of negative reactions from the body. Most often interrupt drinking is obtained only with the help of medical workers, and home remedies do not bring the desired effect and, among other things, can be far from safe. Drink and hangover are of different types, which can only be determined by a person with a medical background.

What's the difference between drinking and drinking?

As a rule, people with alcohol dependence suffer from drinking bouts. Situations when a person, for life reasons, drinks for several days in a row( for example, on vacation, on holidays or from grief), is not called binge. This is an ordinary and completely banal drunkenness. In this case, a person is able to stop drinking alcohol, depending on his desire. Hangover avoid, of course, will not succeed, but also qualified medical care will not be required. It is only needed to interrupt the binge.

interruption of a drinking-bout at home

There are three stages of intoxication:

  1. Episodic, which is characterized by an increase in the amount of alcohol consumed, leading to an euphoric state.
  2. Ritual, when after drinking alcohol appears hangover syndrome.
  3. Habitual, accompanied by a malfunctioning of the body and a personality disorder.

Chronic addiction

Another question if a person has a chronic addiction to alcoholic beverages. From time to time such people enter a drunken state and can not get out of it themselves. The time interval between binges can be as small, for example once a couple of months, and long-term, up to 10 years. Regardless of how often a person falls into a drinking state, the consequences for the body are severe to an equal degree. The metabolism is broken, the organism enters intoxication with the subsequent abstinence syndrome. In more severe cases, there are violations in the central nervous system, for the worse behavior with relatives changes, aggression and apathy are manifested.

Interruption of the binge in Magnitogorsk is carried out, for example, by the interregional narcological rehabilitation center. In addition, it treats a hangover. Withdrawal of a person from binge in a day hospital takes 5-7 hours, the body is cleared of alcoholic toxins, its work is normalized. You can go to the house of the narcologist.

interruption of the spp sbb

Drink marks the beginning of the second phase of alcoholism. The whole organism changes, all biochemical processes are violated, as well as physiology. If the condition deteriorates sharply, it does not stop the drinking alcoholic, he continues to consume alcohol, expecting at least temporary relief. It becomes easier, but this condition quickly changes to an even heavier one.

How do I interrupt a binge?

Methods of treatment

It is customary to get rid of a hangover in our country with brines, broths and those products that alleviate symptoms such as tinnitus, migraine or high blood pressure. Herbal teas also help. With a hangover syndrome this does work, but in the case of a binge is absolutely ineffective. Drinking can lead to the fact that a person can not drink or eat anything, and the compositions of herbal teas are sometimes dangerous and even fatal for an organism that is exhausted by intoxication.

The best way to interrupt a binge is to put such a patient in a hospital hospital. Experts will remove intoxication with the help of droppers, carry out purification procedures, and also help a person from a psychological point of view. Getting out of the binge, as a rule, is not easily given to the patient, so almost clock-based monitoring of his physical and psycho-emotional state is necessary. Modern clinics, in addition to droppers and traditional cleaning of the body, offer bioenergetic procedures aimed at relieving fatigue, improving physical well-being and normalizing sleep.

How does a dropper help?

With the help of a dropper you can quickly get a person out of the binge, provided that he is in this state for no more than two days. After a five-day binge and more, a course of therapy is carried out, including the replenishment of amino acids and enzymes. In addition, the patient is examined for damage to internal organs and the cardiovascular system. Inpatient treatment will last no more than a week, after which the patient will be asked to heal the house.

interruption of a binge

In many cities of our country, interruptions of drinking-bout at home are carried out.

At home

Another way to stop drinking is to call a specialist-narcologist home. He will determine the level of intoxication and will carry out the necessary actions, namely:

  1. Will detoxify.
  2. Normalizes metabolic processes.
  3. Copies cravings for alcoholic beverages.
  4. Will relieve hangover syndrome.

It is possible to remove from the binge at home the doctor-narcologist if there are no complications in the form of stroke, blindness or pulmonary edema. Regardless of where the drinking binge is being taken, a full course of recovery and purification of the whole organism is needed. A break in taking medication after the first signs of relief may lead to a new drinking-bout.

interruption of drinking bouts at home in St. Petersburg

Interruption of the binge in St. Petersburg with the help of highly qualified specialists will cost about 2,800 rubles.

Seeking help is needed when the symptoms of a normal hangover are several times stronger than usual. If there is a rapid heartbeat, tremor in your hands, high blood pressure - this is an occasion to call a specialist. Such a condition can cause a stroke, brain edema, epileptic seizure and lead to death. To delay the call of an ambulance with the symptoms described above is not necessary, as well as to be engaged in the advice of friends by self-medication.

Interruption of the binge in Krasnoyarsk is also being conducted.

Consequences of detoxification

Interrupting a binge is a stress for an alcohol-dependent person, not only on a physical level, but also on a psycho-emotional one. In the absence of the usual amount of alcohol in the body, enzymes and neurotransmitters of alcohol continue to be collected. As a result, a person can experience auditory and visual hallucinations and epileptic seizures. The doctor appoints a special scheme of treatment with vitamins and amino acids to restore the acid-base balance of the body.

The patient, who is taken out of the binge, is in a state of strong nervous overexcitation, which can cause convulsions. He, as a rule, is irritable and rude to others, refuses to take necessary medicines, shows aggression. This is difficult not only for the patient, but also for his household, so psychological therapy is necessary for members of the alcoholic family. After getting out of the binge, you need to move on in the direction of giving up alcohol. There are many ways to achieve this goal: encoding, hypnosis, drug therapy. This will help a person to forget about dependence on alcohol forever. interruption of binge in Ufa

Interruption of a binge in Ufa is also possible. In this city there are several centers that provide this kind of services.

Help of narcologist at home

At the moment the service of calling an expert in narcology for a home for the removal of a drinking disorder is available in almost all cities of our country, including in Ufa, Krasnoyarsk, Novosibirsk, Magnitogorsk. You can do this by calling the phone number indicated on the narcological clinic's website. The latter provide complete anonymity of the services provided. As a rule, on-site services of narcological clinics are open around the clock. Paid clinics use the most high-quality and fast acting drugs in their work, which allows you to quickly and without harm to the patient take the last of the binge.

In addition, the doctor is required to advise family members of the patient on the topic of how to change the patient's lifestyle after drinking. The rehabilitation period will also be monitored by specialists of the clinic called before the state of remission.

How much is the interruption of drinking bouts at home in St. Petersburg, we reviewed.

interruption of binges

The impossibility of a home interruption

At home, it is impossible to get a person out of a binge in the following cases:

  1. The patient does not consent to treatment. You can not force the therapy, since the subsequent intake of alcohol can lead to fatal complications. The patient must understand the problem and be aware of the need for treatment.
  2. Hallucinations are an occasion for emergency hospitalization in a psychiatric ward. This is the case when hospitalization is carried out even forcibly when calling an ambulance, since the patient poses a danger not only for himself, but also for close people.
  3. Attempted suicide is also an excuse to call an ambulance, rather than call the narcologist home.
  4. If the patient has a loss of consciousness, even to a coma, it is also not worth waiting. Before the ambulance arrives, it is especially important not to let the patient lose consciousness, it is necessary to monitor his condition and control him.
  5. If, as a result of intoxication, a patient is injured in the brain, hospitalization is necessary.
  6. When a patient has cardiovascular problems or other complications.
  7. If you have symptoms of poisoning with low-quality alcohol.

interruption of a binge in a magnetograph

Prices for visiting an expert narcologist and deducing from a drinking-bout vary depending on the region of the service provided and the price list for the particular clinic. In general, the prices for this service start from three thousand rubles.

In Novosibirsk, the interruption of drinking-bouts can be performed both at home and in a specialized center.

Feedback on the methods of

Reviews are mostly positive. The effect comes quickly, the person feels much better. The most effective treatment, of course, in the hospital. But it is convenient that the doctor can come to the house.


You can talk about the dangers of alcoholism indefinitely. The main thing, remember that even the most harmless seemingly ritual associated with taking alcohol( for example, alcohol on Fridays after work and before the weekend) can lead to a gradual addiction and further alcohol dependence. Alcoholism is a disaster not only for the most dependent, but also for his loved ones, friends and acquaintances. It is very difficult to get out of the state of alcohol dependence, and it's almost impossible to do it yourself. Therefore, before introducing alcohol as a ritual, think about whether this will lead to a drunken syndrome and will not become a deceptive panacea for all problems.