Endermology: apparatus, description, technology and feedback. Endermology: LPG-massage against cellulite

Effectively adjust the figure, saving her from fat deposits and cellulite, helps the technique called "endermology."The massage machine, which is designed in such a way that it affects the skin and deep tissues at the same time, creates a powerful effect for eliminating the "orange peel" and correcting the figure, reducing weight and tightening the skin. How good is this method of treating cellulite and aesthetic improvement of the figure? Who does it suit?

Briefly about the problem

It is known that cellulite - one of the main enemies of female beauty - visually manifests itself on the skin in the form of an orange peel with dimples and tubercles. In addition, it is tactile to feel fatty nodules on the affected parts of the skin. Endermology apparatus All this is the result of blood clotting in the hypodermis( subcutaneous fatty tissue), which causes stagnant phenomena of blood and lymph, prevents the saturation of tissues with oxygen and nutrients, and also makes it difficult to remove toxins, excess fluid and fats. To smooth the "orange peel" helps endermology. Hardware massage against cellulite is based on the principle of complex impact on problem areas of the body and is the most effective treatment. It is approved by the FDA, the leading organization for the control of the quality of food products and medicines( USA), as well as by most of the world-known specialists: scientists working in the field of aesthetic medicine, physiotherapists, sports physicians.

Features of the procedure: technology and feedback

Hardware lipomassage is a procedure that effectively affects all layers of the skin, including the epidermis, connective tissue( dermis) and hypodermis( subcutaneous fat).The combined effects of vacuum, vibromassage and self-rotating rollers cause: folding of wrinkles, which helps to strengthen the anti-cellulite effect;rocking, directly activating the metabolism in problem areas with fat stores;slip, modeling the contour of the figure, and grinding, improving the turgor and elasticity of the skin. What processes help stimulate endermology? ApparatusLPG contributes to the development of the body more fibroblasts, synthesizing protein fibers "skin skeleton" - collagen and elastin, as well as useful mucopolysaccharides( hyaluronic and chondroitinsulfuric acids, glucosamine and galactosamine).Apparatus for endermology As a result, the elasticity and elasticity of the skin increases, due to the tightening of the dermis is a powerful rejuvenating effect. Mashing self-moving rollers of processed fabrics, vibration along with vacuum aspiration - the action that the device provides for endermology. They activate the destruction of lipids in fat cells and simultaneously saturate them with oxygen, which causes a reduction in body volume due to a reduction in the fat layer. Captured by vacuum, the fold of the skin is placed inside the maniple chamber, kneaded, swinged and grinded by rollers that rotate in different directions. The movement of the maniple itself transfers a vibrating effect to the problem zone. In response to the sensations, patients note the effect of the "wave" during the procedure, which rolls over the body, improving the lymph drainage and metabolic processes in the treated tissues.

Apparatus for lipomassage( LPG)

The main manufacturer of certified apparatus for massage by Louis Paul Guitay is the French company LPG Systems, which has been improving and modernizing its equipment for several decades. This company produces original LPG-devices for the body of the Cellu M6 series( Endermolab, Integral and Keymodule);for the face, neck and collar area, decollete and chest zone( lift massage and cosmechanics): Lift M6, Cellu M6 Keymodule 2, Cellu M6 Integral, Cellu M6 Endermolab. Endermology on the device lpg Only endermology on LPG apparatus of various modifications is capable of guaranteeing a complex disposal of cellulite and excess weight with a noticeable result. Analogues of French technology and so-called replicas or clones without a certificate of conformity from the original manufacturer and serial number allow us to carry out only a roller-vacuum massage of average power, which instead of good effect often leads to disappointment. Numerous reviews confirm this.

How is the procedure performed LPG-massage

The endermology on the LPG is performed taking into account the maximum comfort for the patient. During the procedure, he is offered to change into an individual suit made of special elastic fabric with strong seams and completely repeating the contours of the human body. Such a suit provides a private setting during the session, when the doctor can handle any parts of the body( including without underwear on the patient) without causing him psychological discomfort. The hygienic use of a suit is expressed in the contactless processing of the skin with a working nozzle. Endermology hardware massage against cellulite Elastic tissue also helps to effectively massage areas with hair follicles or increased sweating. Immediately before the procedure, the doctor identifies problem areas of the body with aesthetic flaws, advising the patient to make several movements: raise the arm or leg, bend over to visually determine the location of fat deposits due to muscle contraction. On the basis of these data, the procedure itself is conducted - endermology. The device allows you to select the intensity program, the types of movement of the rollers when processing any of the zones. After that, the doctor can only place the manipula on the human skin and act as comfortably as possible on it.

Indications for lipomassage

Correction of the figure and treatment of all stages of the "orange peel" is not the only task that endermology can solve. LPG against cellulite, obesity and local fatty "pillows" is the most popular procedure and is used more often than others: rehabilitation after a variety of injuries to get rid of pain, swelling, postnatal stretch marks, sagging skin, age lagging of the dermis, muscle spasms, gravitational ptosis, post-traumaticscars, burns, postoperative sutures. Endermology lpg massage against cellulite LPG-massage is also used for recovery after plastic surgery.

Contraindications to the procedure

For pregnant and lactating, for people with cancer of any nature, with alcohol or drug dependence, kidney failure and urolithiasis, chronic ailments in the acute stage, problems with the cardiovascular system, hypertension, ulcerative processes inacute form, infectious and inflammatory skin lesions, propensity to thrombus formation, bleeding, menstruation and blood diseases, colds and infectious ailments, use ofThe procedure of endermology is prohibited. It is also necessary to inform the doctor about taking medications that reduce blood clotting. This can serve as a reason for the temporary abandonment of lipomassage, before the cessation of therapy with anticoagulants.

The benefits of endemology

LPG massage against cellulite is indicated for patients of almost any age, it is painless, eliminates bruising, eliminates the "orange peel" at all stages of its development, increases lymphatic drainage, removes excess fluids and toxins from the body, improves microcirculationblood, accelerates metabolic processes in the tissues of the treated areas of the body. LPG endermology massage on apparatus lpg In addition, LPG-massage allows you to increase muscle tone and reduce pain in them, improve mood and overall well-being. This is important during intensive training with weight reduction.

Reviews: pluses and minuses

In the step-by-step reports on the endermological procedure, many users note that it is possible to improve the figure and face quickly enough: the relief and color of the skin is leveled, its elasticity and elasticity are increased, the visible signs of cellulite decrease, the weight decreases, the lymphatic drainageblood circulation in tissues, edema is eliminated, the thickness of skin-fat folds decreases and body volumes decrease. Endermology lpg against cellulite Of the minuses that the "endermology" procedure has: the original device costs ten times more than analogues, so the price for lipomassage with its help is quite high. For example, LPG-massage of the body on the mechanism of the 7th generation of Cellu M6 Integral will cost 2000 rubles for 50 minutes, facial massage - in 1800 rubles( 30-35 minutes).Taking into account the discounts and special offers, these amounts can vary from 800 to 2000 rubles. Special costume in the cabin can cost about 900-1000 rubles. The full course is 10-20 procedures( 2-3 sessions per week), which determines the impressive cost of the entire treatment. In addition, you need to constantly maintain a shape in shape, adhere to a healthy diet and regular fiznigruzok not to regret the wasted time and money. The testimonies indicate that the effect of lipomassage can thus be maintained for a whole year.

Compatibility with other


The use of accompanying procedures only enhances the effect of endermology: anti-cellulite wraps, mesotherapy and peelings, ozone therapy, myostimulation and ultrasound therapy, electrolysolysis, microcurrents, ELOS technology, pressotherapy, hydro-esthetic sessions and others. The effect of the procedure directly depends on the skill and qualification of the doctor-cosmetologist, the status of the clinic or salon, the availability of original equipment.