Can I get a banana with diarrhea?

Every person has had an intestinal disorder at least once in his life. This problem often occurs when we are away from home.

Description of the problem

Diarrhea or, in other words, a loose stool can happen to anyone. In this situation, you should stick to a certain diet. The important part of it is the liquid, because dehydration of the organism takes place. In addition to water, you can drink strong black tea, apple juice, broth. Any liquid food does not load the body, but the nutrients still come through. What can you eat from solid food if your stomach upset?

banana for diarrhea

Any food that enters the body first of all must soothe the irritated bowel. Most often it is recommended to eat boiled rice. It is rich in fiber, which in large quantities can cause constipation, but with diarrhea - this is the best way to normalize the work of the intestines. A steep egg can also be eaten with breadcrumbs or breadcrumbs, but do not add mayonnaise or other sauces to food in this period. Fruits should be excluded from the diet, except for those that are rich in pectins. The question arises whether bananas can be used for diarrhea. How often can I use them?

Can I get a banana for diarrhea?

Bananas are rich in vitamins and trace elements, necessary for the body in case of intestinal disorder or poisoning. The fibrous structure of this fruit is useful for the stomach. What else are rich in bananas? The fact that it contains:

  • Vitamins B, C, E, K.
  • Potassium.
  • Magnesium.
  • Calcium.
  • Sodium.
  • Zinc.
  • Iron.
  • Fluoride.
  • Phosphorus.
  • Carotene.

banana for diarrhea

Banana for diarrhea is necessary for the body. After all, he is rich in trace elements. In the process of an intestinal disorder, all these elements and mineral substances are washed out of our body. Therefore, it is worth eating this fruit in this period. Also, such a fruit is often used by athletes, in order to restore their strength and energy. Elderly and children, bananas can be eaten even more often with diarrhea. Since a large amount of potassium will strengthen the heart muscle, it will help with problems with the organs of the digestive tract, liver and kidneys. However, a large number of bananas, eaten with diarrhea, can also hurt. As in everything, here you need to know the measure. Overeating can also have a negative effect on the body.

Choosing the right fruit

It is very important to choose the right banana. Even golden color indicates that the fruit is rich in useful substances. Dark skins or small dots on the skin in large quantities indicate that the fruit was supercooled during transportation.

Can you banana for diarrhea to a child?

A ribbed fruit can tell you that it was not allowed to mature on a tree. It was collected still green and useful substances in it much less, but such fruit also does not harm. You should choose fruits with even skin and uniform colors along the entire length.

The benefits of

Bananas with diarrhea are certainly useful. In adults, they will calm the irritated bowel, help normalize the stool. If a conscious person can control his attachments to food in the acute period of poisoning, then it is more difficult for children to do this. Banana for diarrhea should be given to a child. After all, the fruit is rich enough, but it does not irritate the stomach. All children love this delicacy and can gladly eat it for days on end.


Children under 3 years of age should not be given bananas because of the possibility of an allergic reaction. The baby's organism is not genetically adapted to tropical food. But bananas for diarrhea to a child older than 3 years can be safely added to the diet. Nutritionists do not recommend taking this fruit to people with increased body weight, with thrombophlebitis and ischemic heart disease.


Banana can be used as a dietary dessert. If the goal is to reduce weight, you can sit on a mono-diet. The most common variant of the diet is kefir-banana. On the day it is allowed to eat no more than three of these yellow fruits and drink no more than a liter of kefir or milk.

bananas for diarrhea in adults

You may think that this is very small. However, if you cut this yellow juicy fruit into parts and drink kefir with one of the parts, then this can replace a full meal. Nutritionists do not recommend adhering to this type of food for more than 3-5 days. People with gastritis or stomach ulcers need to be more careful. This diet will remove excess fluid from the body and also speed up the digestive system.

My fruit

Before you start eating bananas for diarrhea, you should wash the fruits well. Since in the process of transportation they could be subject to chemical treatment or next to them could be infected insects. Yes, and the plantation workers themselves when laying the goods could spoil them. Carefully inspect the banana, the peel should not be moldy or even slightly damaged integrity. Washing costs this fruit in 2 stages.

Can you banana with poisoning and diarrhea?

First, put the banana in warm water. Then thoroughly wash with a sponge and soap and rinse well with running water. Do not use a variety of utensils.

How to give to children

Banana for diarrhea, the child should be finely chopped and given in small pieces. You can also put it on a dry biscuit( or cracker).With diarrhea, this dish will be useful. Of course, in the pharmacy you can buy special means against diarrhea and funds for poisoning, having consulted beforehand with a doctor, but if this is not possible, you can do with improvised means. Starting to look through the products in the refrigerator, we are wondering whether it is possible to eat something or another. In modern stores, the products presented on the shelves are rich in additives that can harm not only the sick organism, but also the healthy.

When shopping, pay attention to the expiry date and production date. Remember that with diarrhea, almost all vegetables and fruits are banned, but the question of whether a banana can be eaten with poisoning and diarrhea can be answered with certainty - this fruit will not only do no harm to health, but will also help overcome this temporary ailment. Take a sprig of juicy bananas, they will cheer up even with their appearance. Scientists have found out that a person who eats this yellow fruit becomes much more cheerful and happier. He has the energy and strength that is so necessary for intestinal disorders. A high-calorie value of fruits will help the body fight infection inside.

bananas for diarrhea can be

Fructose contained in this fruit, will replace the chocolate, which is currently not worth using. For a change, you can make banana puree or juice, because liquid food is quickly absorbed by the body.


If after several days the symptoms of the disorder do not go away, the temperature rises more and more often and does not subside, you experience nausea, you should call an ambulance. In this situation, there is a colossal dehydration of the body and this can lead to sad consequences for your health. In a medical institution, you will be investigated, find out the cause of the poisoning and prescribe the treatment. But to adhere to a strict diet all the same it is necessary, as the weakened intestine can not start to work at once in full force. It will be necessary to gradually add some products to the diet, and most importantly - to monitor the reaction of the body. It is not necessary to eat everything that others offer, it is better to listen to the advice of doctors. Experiments with nutrition in this situation are unacceptable. Hot broth, biscuits, bread, biscuits, steep egg, bananas for some days will be the main products of your diet. Although soon you can start eating normal food again.

Remember that rough, stiff or food with high acidity after poisoning or diarrhea can cause other problems associated with stomach functioning. Try not to be tempted by a large amount of food immediately after recovery. The longer you can stay on the prescribed diet, the faster your body will fully recover.