Pain in the feet: spur on the heel

The heel spur is the bone formation, which is a spine-shaped protrusion on the surface of the calcaneus calcaneus. A spur on the heel may appear for various reasons. One of these is flatfoot, which arises from an incorrect distribution of the load on the feet. Also, with excessive weight on the heel bone, this disease gradually develops. Basically, it's overweight. Many, because they want their foot to look tiny, buy tight shoes, not even thinking that it irritates the periosteum of the calcaneus, and eventually a spur appears on the heel. Injury to heel bone can also trigger this disease. Strangely enough, but if a person has blood circulation and metabolism, this can also help to create a calcaneal spur. With prolonged chronic joint disease, this ailment also occurs.

Spur on the heel is accompanied by very severe pain during walking. Painful peak is mainly in the morning. When a patient gets out of bed, the first steps are given with great difficulty. It is simply impossible to become a sick heel and it is necessary to rely on nearby objects. After a few steps, the pain sensations tend to pass. Long sitting also causes similar symptoms. Acute piercing pain at first can interfere with the movement of a person. The pain that causes the spur on the heel may be of different nature, for example, in the form of severe burning, or vice versa, sharp and stitching.

In order to prevent the occurrence of a calcaneal spur, it is necessary to take the necessary measures in advance, which will help preserve the osteoarticular apparatus and prevent its premature wear. First of all, you need to take care of the elimination of excess weight, avoid overloads of feet. It is also desirable to prevent the development of flat feet. If necessary, you need to timely treat joint disease. One of the main recommendations is the selection of comfortable to wear shoes. Very useful gymnastics for the feet, which helps improve blood circulation. You can use a variety of massage aids.

To treat the spur on the heel was most effective, you first need to unload the diseased area. This is achieved with the help of orthopedic insoles, having a recess and a soft lining under the heel. You can use a special podpyatocnik with an opening in the center. This device will somehow relieve the heel spur.

With all the necessary preventive measures, the heel spur and its treatment will not cause any special trouble. The severity of the disease largely depends on its neglect.

If the calcaneal spur is the result of flat feet, in this case orthopedic shoes or orthopedic insoles are also prescribed. This helps reduce pain when walking. Also, the feeling of fatigue is reduced, the heaviness in the legs is almost not felt.

In parallel with orthopedic treatment, the effect is achieved with the help of anti-inflammatory drugs. It is recommended to use warm baths for feet, mud treatment, ultrasound and laser therapy. In some cases, X-ray therapy is used.

In severe and neglected cases, it is possible to intervene operatively, but this is an extreme measure. In most cases, the treatment of the calcaneal spur is performed without surgery.

For the treatment of this disease folk methods are used. One of them is as follows. It is necessary to steam out your feet in hot water with the addition of a small amount of soda food. Then attach a slice of the tea fungus to the sore spot and fix it with a bandage.

Another method is that a fresh May burdock or plantain is tied to the heel, as well as mother-and-stepmother. You can put pepper under the heel in your toe, and so you walk all day.

It is very useful to walk barefoot on dewy grass. Shoes are recommended to be worn on a heel, not exceeding three to four centimeters.