The best vitamins for men for potency: names, reviews

Doctors are aware of vitamins that increase the potency in men. Know this list should and the townsfolk, especially the representatives of the strong half, who want to maintain their health and always please their life companion with pleasant sensations. In addition, potency gives self-confidence and self-reliance. The chemicals presented in pharmacies are quite dubious, and experts unanimously assert that the best way to support men's health is to eat right and fully.

vitamins for men for potency

What should I do?

Most often, the weakening of potency is due to strong stressful situations, experiences, heavy physical or mental work. Significant loads deplete the body, regardless of whether they are related to the pressure of the surrounding world, heavy tasks, exhaustion or fatigue. The situation is even more complicated, if everything is not very smooth on the personal front.

In order to cope with stress, fatigue, it is necessary to develop a more suitable rhythm for life, give the body the opportunity to fully rest,

as well as adjust the diet, filling it with vitamin complexes for the potency of men of natural origin. Synthetic, pharmacy, of course, also possible, but natural are much better absorbed, the effect of their use is much more palpable.

Where to start?

The most important product, rich in vitamins to increase potency in men, is honey. A unique natural antibiotic is useful for any modern person, but especially it is palpable in the male half: it literally fills with energy. However, it is also necessary to know: an overabundance of this product in the menu can lead to serious negative consequences. Many are allergic to it, so do not "rush into the pool with a head", you need to first find out how much the organism is tolerant to a useful product.

No less important are the vitamins contained in nuts and seeds for men to improve potency. It is difficult to say what is best from this category. Rich in useful ingredients and walnuts, and hazelnuts, and peanuts - peanuts. Sunflower seeds can be eaten and sunflower, and sesame, prunes. Particularly useful and tasty will be a delicacy of honey with nuts mixed in proportions: one tablespoon of natural antibiotic - 100 g of other products. Using such sweetness in food daily for a couple of hours before sleep, you can soon notice the normalization of the general condition of the body and the strengthening of masculine possibilities.

What else to pay attention to?

The names of vitamins for men for improving potency: A, B, E. All of them stimulate the work of the nervous system, activate the possibility of impulse transmission, which means normalize the excitement, enhance potency. Including in the menu products rich in these compounds, you can maintain their capabilities and health in excellent condition. The most rich in these vitamins are edible grass of different varieties, including the usual parsley. Doctors say that it is parsley grass - the most important greenery, which should be in the diet of any man. In addition to it, attention should be paid to:

  • coriander;
  • anise;
  • cumin;
  • mint.

vitamins for men to improve potency

Natural complex of vitamins for men to improve potency - a source of strength and health. Foods rich in such compounds have a positive effect on the general condition of the body, give strength to combat increased stress, resistance to stressful situations.

Vitamin D: nothing is more important than

When scientists found out which vitamins for men's potency are most significant, attention was attracted by the effect provoked by the normalization of the intake of this component in people's food. As it was possible to clarify, under the influence of the compound, immunity is stimulated, and, first of all, associated with the reproductive organs and their correct, full-fledged functioning. If this vitamin is deficient, the body's T-cells become weak and quickly give up to the infectious agent if the organism becomes infected.

To activate T cells, it is necessary to include vitamins for the potency of men in their nutrition program, the best sources of which give a constant large volume of the said compound. Under its influence, the nervous system produces signals about the presence of a pest in the body, immune defense begins to work. Insufficiency of the vitamin even at the most critical moments does not allow the immune function to function properly, but the normal concentration makes it possible at all times to resist viral, bacterial invasions.

Is the effect exhausted?

By the way, no. D - vitamin for men to improve the potency, which has an all-round and strong effect on the body. With his participation, calcium is absorbed, which means that the bone system is strengthened, the musculoskeletal system easily copes with significant loads. This compound can fight cancer cells. The effect of vitamin D is also felt with respect to the potency of men, on the quality of the erection.

Normally, the vitamin itself is produced by the cells of our skin under the influence of sunlight, but for the inhabitants of the northern regions such a source of it is poorly relevant for most of the year. A much more stable inflow is provided by food. The most rich in vitamin D are various milk dishes: cottage cheese, cheese, others. Undoubtedly, vitamin is contained in milk, and in factories recently produce a special product enriched with this compound. Vitamin D is in parsley and eggs.

Problems with potency: the causes of

A sexologist can recommend drinking a course of synthetic vitamins for men for potency with the following features of the daily life of a particular person:

  • sedentary lifestyle, low mobility;
  • bad habits;
  • overvoltage;
  • stressful situations;
  • heavy physical exertion;
  • wrong power supply.

vitamins for men

Often a simple normalization of power is already enough to return the man to his former strength. This is explained by the inflow of natural, natural vitamin products for men for potency. Whether there is a need for synthetic, the doctor will decide by looking at the patient's tests.

Question complex

According to reviews, vitamins for men to improve potency help the most diverse - someone has a simple "Complicant", others use Gross Herz or special complexes. It depends on the unique characteristics of the body. It is important to realize that there is not one specific compound completely responsible for the potency, erection, sperm production. The correct functioning of the reproductive system is ensured by the normal functioning of the whole organism as a whole.

Having picked up a complex of vitamins, you can simultaneously bring the digestive system back to normal, stimulate the heart, strengthen the vessels - all against the background of activation of sexual function. In addition, the circle is virtually closed: improving the performance of internal systems positively affects the condition of the reproductive organs and the quality of their functioning.

Useful compounds: A and B

These vitamins for men for potency are very important. And it is known as beta-carotene. Scientists have long established that it strengthens the immune system and stimulates the body's defense, potency, and normalizes the overall condition of the reproductive organs. Beta-carotene is rich in carrots, cod liver, yolk of chicken eggs, fish oil.

Group B - no less important for men's health connections, as they bring the norm of the CNS, PNS, activate the attraction to the partner. With a normal concentration of these compounds, the sensitivity of body tissues is normal. The group includes a lot of vitamins, each of which is responsible for its unique aspects.

Thiamin and nicotinic acid

These names of vitamins for the potency of men in many are heard. Thiamin is responsible for supplying energy to the brain, stimulates the work of the muscular and nervous system, puts sleep in order and reduces fatigue, fatigue. Normally, thiamine enters the human body from legumes, floury, starchy foods, including potatoes, peanuts. Do not neglect and fatty meat, if health allows. Pork is especially rich in this compound.

the best vitamins for the potency of men

Nicotinic acid is B3, also known to many as the name of a vitamin. For the potency of men, it is fundamentally important, since it normalizes blood flow, circulation, stimulates the brain and prevents depressive conditions. The salmon, tuna, yeast, and beet are the richest in this mix.

Pyridoxine and folic acid

Pyridoxine in science is known as vitamin B6.Thanks to this connection, the nervous system normally functions, serotonin, a hormone responsible for the emotional, mental state of a person, is produced. Normally, pyridoxine enters the body from eggs, bananas, seafood, carrots and sunflower.

Folic acid is a substance that stimulates overall performance. Without it, noradrenaline, serotonin can not be generated in the body. Equally in this vitamin, both men and women need: the first for persistent potency, the second for successful pregnancy. From food, folic acid comes mainly through citrus, greens, hard cheeses.

Vitamins C and E

The full use of ascorbic acid is known even by a child. With reference to the reproductive system, it acts as follows: it activates attraction, takes part in the production of various hormones regulating both sexual activity of a person and general health. Especially important is vitamin C for the production of endorphin, dopamine. The serotonin mentioned above did not stay aside. Under the influence of an adequate amount of ascorbic acid, the vessels become wider, the patency of the blood rises, the microcirculation increases, which positively affects the condition of the cavernous bodies of the male sexual organ. In addition, ascorbic acid improves the assimilability of various compounds, activates components useful to humans, stabilizes vitamin E. The maximum intake of ascorbic acid is provided by daily intake of citrus, dog rose, greenery, currant, cabbage.

And here vitamin E is known to science also under the name of tocopherol. It positively affects the endocrine glands, stimulating their work, and also normalizes the pituitary gland, due to which in the correct concentration in the body hormones of the reproductive system are generated. Due to tocopherol, spermatozoa can successfully mature. This vitamin comes from oils of vegetable origin, seeds and nuts, spinach and dairy, meat, bread products.

Do not forget about minerals

Vitamins are very good and important, but only a diet rich in them will not help maintain the potency at altitude. It is very important to regularly provide the supply of food products with mineral complexes, micro-, macro elements, necessary for the normal functioning of the body. The reproductive system will function without failures, when all the other organs are functioning properly, there are no problems. To ensure a full life, it is important to take a responsible attitude to nutrition: the menu is made up of the inclusion of selenium, zinc, potassium and magnesium-rich foods.

complex of vitamins for men for improving potency

If it is possible to form the correct food program, not only will potency increase, but soon the body's condition will improve as a whole. If minor impairment of sexual function was observed, after normalizing the diet, everything will return to normal in the shortest possible time. By supporting such a program, it is possible to prevent reproductive harm in the future.

"Complivit Selenium"

This complex of vitamins is designed specifically for men who want to maintain their health and maintain the sexual function of an active person for a long time. The drug is sold in pharmacies, costs about 300 rubles, one package contains 60 capsules, designed for a two-month course. The product is sold without the special permission of the doctor. Selenium is present in the composition, as it can be seen by name, as well as calcium, vitamin compounds, copper, zinc. It is recommended to use the drug to maintain the potency and attraction to the sexual partner."Complivit Selenium" helps with increased fatigue and as an anti-vitamin medication. It is recommended to undergo a course of such treatment when planning a child.

a complex of vitamins for the potency of men

The duration of the therapeutic program - from a month to two, a day use one capsule. To apply this vitamin complex is impossible at intolerance of any of the components included in its composition. According to the reviews, "Comlivit Selenium" is not intended for people suffering from chronic high blood pressure. The manufacturer notes that the composition is not addictive, but side effects are possible with increased sensitivity to any contained compound. There is also the possibility of hypervitaminosis.

"Likoprofit Potential"

Many call this drug the best vitamin complex that helps men maintain their strength and sexual activity. In the composition there are selenium and zinc, a nettle root in the form of an extract, a complex of vitamins and extracted from the fruits of a dwarf palm, African plum substance, chromium and lycopene. Regular application in accordance with the instruction allows to normalize erectile function, increase sexual desire, to tone up the body and improve immunity. vitamins for men to improve potency reviews

"Lycoprophy Potential" positively affects not only the potency, but also the overall health of the reproductive organs. It is believed that it slows the development of prostatitis, negative changes in the prostate gland, stimulates blood flow in the pelvic organs and normalizes the androgen level. Under the influence of the composition of the multivitamin complex, testosterone production is activated, but at a relatively reasonable concentration. Along with this, the quality of sperm grows, spermatozoa are more mobile, the chance of conception rises.