How to become a vegetarian forever

Most people in the world are sure that the sophisticated word "vegetarian" is formed from the English "vegetable", that is, "vegetable".The adherents of plant food themselves believe that the name of their society was given to the Latin "vegetus", which translates as "cheerful, full of strength."The latter, perhaps, is closer to the truth, since vegetarianism on Earth existed thousands of years ago, long before the British took it up. On ideological convictions, it is still mandatory for Buddhists, Hindus, Jainists.

But, in fact, both translations are correct, because, on the one hand, vegetarians are those who only eat vegetarian food, that is, vegetables and fruits, and on the other, these people are always cheerful, full of energy and energy. To be fair, it should be added that vegetarians have eggs, mushrooms, cottage cheese, sour cream and other dairy products in addition to plant food on the table. Those who do not use this, are called Vegan. The principle of veganism is based more on moral principles than on any other, because they, in addition to animal food, removed from their lives all objects of animal origin, including clothing made of leather and fur, natural shoes, feather pillows and pillows. Even medical products, tested on animals, they do not use.

Vegetarians, in addition to ideological considerations, believe that vegetarian food is useful by medical indicators. Therefore, before answering the question "How to become a vegetarian?", Let's understand, and whether it is necessary?

Recent research scientists eloquently say - yes, it is necessary. According to multiple polls, tests and analyzes, people who eat meat and meat products are much more likely than vegetables to treat strokes, hypertension, atherosclerosis and other vascular diseases due to the ingestion of large amounts of cholesterol in their bodies with animal food. Cancer is also found several times more often, because a person's stomach is not able to process animal food as quickly as carnivorous. As long as a piece of pork will pass from our mouth to the anal, it will excrete many toxins that are the direct cause of cancer. Vegetables and fruits do not participate in the release of toxins.

Studies have shown shocking results, indicating that eating meat dishes( after taking alcohol and smoking) is one of the first causes of high mortality in all developed countries of the world.

That is, the benefits of vegetarianism are obvious. Even the protein, so necessary to our body, can be obtained with legumes in sufficient quantities, and it is no worse than an animal.

So, it's decided. Starting Monday, we start a new life, a long and happy life. Where to begin? How to become a vegetarian without painful struggle and self-torture?

If the decision is made consciously, and not "because Aunt Sonya does it" or "because it's fashionable and exotic," then the main step has already been taken.

Now we need to decide, we will radically change our menu at once or gradually. A fast method is suitable only for people with strong will, steel nerves and an unshakable conviction in the correctness of the choice made. However, it is necessary to resort to it and those who, as they say, pripeklo, that is, there was a need for medical indications.

How to become a vegetarian fast? Very difficult. If the body is accustomed to be saturated with sausages, cutlets and chops, and then it was sharply transferred to carrots and cucumbers with parsley, it can start to rebel. It manifests itself in dizziness, fainting, loss of sleep, appetite, general weakness. The second point is that vegetarian food is quickly digested, which means that the feeling of hunger will bother you often. Here you can advise you to have patience, courage and try to make your new menu as diverse as possible. It's always good to have seeds or nuts on hand. First, they are useful. Secondly, distracting from serious thoughts.

For most of us, the sparing way to transition to a new life is more suitable.

How to become a vegetarian slowly? It is best to remove one meat dish after another from your diet. Especially it concerns beef and mutton. It is advisable to replace them with a new salad or a new vegetable dish from another country's cuisine. Both informative and nutritious. Becoming a vegetarian slowly, you can easily go to visit, because once a piece of shish kebab is allowed. Anyway, tomorrow the food will be just right again. This method is good for everyone and has only one minus - if you constantly give yourself indulgences, you will not become a vegetarian, only your organism should be harnessed with restrictions for nothing.