The drug "Hydroxysin": instructions for use, analogues and reviews

Derivative of diphenylmethane is the drug "Hydroxysin".The instruction for use states that the substance is a white, fine powder, readily soluble in water and odorless.374.9 grams per mole is the molecular weight of the compound. Hydroxyzine Patient Reviews

Clinical and pharmacological group

The drug has a sedative, anxiolytic effect. This is explained by the depressing effect on the activity of certain subcortical structures of the central nervous system and also by the blocking effect on central H_1-histamine and m-cholinergic receptors.

"Hydroxyne", analogues of the preparation have a pronounced sedative effect and moderate anxiolytic activity. They have a stimulating effect on cognitive abilities, improve attention and memory. Mental addiction and addiction do not occur, after prolonged use of withdrawal syndrome is not observed. Anticholinergic, antihistamine, and spasmolytic effects also appear."Hydroxysin" removes spasm of smooth muscles, thereby causing bronchodilating and analgesic effects, has antiemetic effect and moderate inhibitory effect on gastric secretion. With urticaria, dermatitis, eczema, etc., itching decreases with therapy with "Atarax"( hydroxyzine - the active substance).

Hydroxyzine Reviews The instruction says that the sedative effect is usually reached within 10-45 minutes after ingestion( depending on the form of the drug), antihistamine - within an hour after ingestion. In patients suffering from liver pathology, the antihistamine effect can be expected for 96 hours.

No mutagenic and carcinogenic effects of the drug are noted.


When ingested, the drug is rapidly absorbed from the gastrointestinal tract, C_max is observed after two hours. The drug "Hydroxysin" passes through the placenta and GEB( the degree of concentration in the tissues of the embryo is greater than in the tissues of the mother).In the process of metabolism in the liver, cetirizine is formed - the main metabolite. The value of T_1 / 2 depends on the age of the patient and can be 7 hours for children aged 2-10 years, 20 hours for adults, 29 hours for the elderly and the elderly;in patients suffering from liver pathology, may increase to 37 hours. The excretion is carried out mostly by the kidneys( 0.8% in its original form).

Indications for use

"Hydroxysin hydrochloride" is used to:

  • to eliminate anxiety and increased nervous excitability of the nervous system;
  • during abstinence in individuals suffering from Alcohol Dependence;
  • therapeutic treatment for psychoneurotic disorders;
  • as part of complex treatment in the postoperative period and after some injuries;
  • premedication;
  • to reduce internal tension, generalized anxiety, restoration of adaptation processes, in the complex therapy of somatic diseases;
  • for elimination of symptoms with eczema, itching dermatitis, hives, atopic dermatitis;
  • for antiemetic action according to indications.

Contraindications to the drug "Hydroxysin Canon"

Comments of physicians indicate that the drug is not recommended for admission:

  • to patients suffering from glaucoma;
  • for prostatic hypertrophy( prostate);
  • in patients with increased convulsive activity;
  • in patients with myasthenia gravis;
  • for patients with renal and hepatic insufficiency;
  • to patients with dementia.

The drug is contraindicated:

  • for pregnant women;
  • patients with porphyria;
  • during the period of breastfeeding( for the period of treatment it is necessary to refuse breastfeeding by mother's milk);
  • for allergic manifestations of the constituent substance( also in those cases when hypersensitivity to other derivatives of cetirizine, aminophylline, piperazine or ethylenediamine was previously noted);
  • during the period of labor.

hydroxysin instruction

On side effects of

Patients may be drowsy, note general weakness, dizziness and headache at the beginning of therapy with the drug "Hydroxysin."Feedback from patients who took this drug, suggest the following side effects:

  • allergic reactions, increased heart rate, nausea;
  • urinary retention, constipation;
  • dryness of visible mucous membranes, increased sweating;
  • visual impairment( possibly a violation of accommodation);
  • lowering of blood pressure, increased enzymatic activity of the liver;
  • may have bronchospasm.

Very rare manifestations of seizures, tremor and disruption of orientation, ataxia, paradoxical agitation and increased motor activity when using the drug.


Primarily, a gag reflex is caused or the stomach is washed with an overdose of "Hydroxysin".Instruction for use informs that in some cases it is necessary to monitor the vital functions of the patient, the introduction of caffeine-sodium benzonate, norepinephrine and even blood substitutes, all necessary measures are taken to maintain adequate functioning of the body. Specific antidotes do not have this remedy, hemodialysis is not justified.

hydroxysin canon reviews Most often, these effects are reversible or their manifestations disappear after a revision of the daily dosage.

Dosage and route of use

The drug is administered orally or in the form of intramuscular injections. The dose depends on the nosology, age of the patient and on the form in which the drug "Hydroxysin" is released.

The instructions for use suggest that with symptomatic therapy for anxiety syndrome, adults are recommended to take 25 to 100 mg of the constituent substance within 24 hours. The most commonly used dosage is 12.5 mg in the morning and at lunch and 25 - in the evening.
hydroxysin instruction manual In childhood, in the preoperative period, 1 mg per kg of live weight is used on the eve in the evening and 60 minutes before the procedure.

For the purpose of premedication, adults are given "Hydroxysin" in a dosage of 50-200 mg of the drug inside or in the form of intramuscular injection of 1.5-2.5 mg per kg of weight of the patient one hour prior to surgery.

For the purpose of arresting the itching, the dosage of 25 to 100 mg of the drug in 3-4 divided doses is effective.

For children from one year to 6 years, the dose of the drug does not exceed 1-2.5 mg per kg of body weight per day in several doses.

In the same dosage regimen, children between the ages of 6 years are prescribed 1-2 mg per kg of body weight during the day.

The maximum daily dosage is 300 mg. The maximum single dose is 200 mg.

For elderly people, the initiation of therapy is recommended at half the dosage.

Hepatic and renal failure require correction of the dosage of the drug "Hydroxysin".

The instruction warns that to achieve the fastest therapeutic effect the solution is administered intramuscularly, deep in a dose of 50-100 mg at a time. It is recommended to administer the drug in 4-6 receptions per day.

In psychiatry, the drug is administered at a dosage of up to 300 mg during the day. The duration of this therapy is 4 weeks.

In case of manifestations of such side effects as weakness, drowsiness, which do not stop for several days, the dose should be reduced.


When the simultaneous introduction of "Hydroxysin" with "Adrenaline" the effectiveness of the latter is reduced.

The drug has an intensifying effect on the sedative effect of analgesics of the narcotic series, alcoholic beverages, tranquilizers, barbiturates, drugs used with a hypnotic goal, and other drugs that depress the CNS.

It is not recommended to use this substance together with MAO inhibitors or holinoblockers.

When combining the drug with phenytoin, the anticonvulsant effect of taking the drug decreases.

The simultaneous use of this drug with cholinesterase blockers is undesirable.

A consequence of an increase in the plasma concentration of a drug substance can be its use with inhibitors of liver enzymes.

Simultaneous therapy with drugs that depress the function of the central nervous system, or with holinoblokatorami require dose adjustment.

With great care, it is necessary to prescribe the drug to patients who are prone to arrhythmia or who use antiarrhythmics, as well as those patients who are predisposed to convulsive manifestations. atarax hydroxyzine instruction Conducted therapy is a contraindication for the use of alcoholic beverages. If it is necessary to conduct tests for allergic reactions, the taking of "Hydroxysin" should be canceled 5 days before the scheduled study. Caution is also needed when using the drug in the period of vehicle management by drivers and patients whose profession requires increased concentration of attention.

It should be noted that the use of injection forms is possible only in the form of intramuscular injections. Subcutaneous administration of the agent or the ingestion of the latter into large vessels can provoke tissue damage.

Therapy with this tool can cause false results of allergological testing.

Terms of use and storage

It is necessary to have a prescription for the drug "Hydroxysin".

Instruction for use says that the oral forms of the drug are stored for no more than 5 years.

"Hydroxysin".Patient feedback

In childhood, the use of the drug with hyperactivity, reduced concentration of attention helps the child to be self-confident, focused and attentive, excludes a sharp change of mood. At the same time, when using the drug "Atarax"( "Hydroxysin"), the instruction for use convinces that the activity and cheerfulness of the child remain the same. Side effects are rare.

hydroxysine analogues

According to the statements of patients who use "Hydroxysin"( analogues of the drug) in various cases, it follows that it causes calmness and self-confidence more than many other drugs. With panic attacks and insomnia, this substance contributes to better sleep and a stronger sleep. However, the abolition of the drug for the first few days seriously affects the process of falling asleep, but in principle the effect of therapy is very encouraging.

The price of the drug

Buy the drug "Hydroxyne", analogues, which contain hydroxyzine, can be in the pharmacy on the prescription of a doctor. The price will be 270-300 rubles for 25 tablets in a dosage of 25 mg.

"Hydroxysine".Synonyms for

Synonyms for "Hydroxysin" are: "Hydroxysin Canon", "Atarax", "Masmoram", "Aterax", "Hydroxysin", "Hydroxysin Hydrochloride", "Alamon", "Durax".