Dangerous consequences of chronic prostatitis: a description and features

The instinct of procreation plays a major role in the life of every man. Many of them think that a good and timely erection will accompany them for many years, but, unfortunately, this is not always the case. Infections, alcohol and smoking, poor nutrition are reflected on the state of the reproductive system and can cause inflammation of the prostate partially responsible for reproductive function. The causes and consequences of chronic prostatitis can be unpredictable. With such a problem it is not worth joking, without consulting a doctor here is indispensable.

A little from the anatomy of

The prostate gland takes part in the formation of sperm and ensures the normal functioning of the male genitourinary system.

It originates below the pubic bone and extends to the lower part of the large intestine.

Consequences of chronic prostatitis

Formed during the period of fetal development and growing as it grows in size, reaching its maximum by 17-23 years.

Most young men have stable organ function, but after 40-45 years, various pathological abnormalities can occur, which are caused by various factors.

The development mechanism of

The causes of such failures are:

  • Aging of the organism.
  • Bad habits.
  • Subcooling.
  • Venereal and other infections.
  • Poor nutrition.
  • Fatigue.
  • Weakened immunity.
  • Rare or too frequent sex life.
  • Individual features of the structure.
  • Complications after other diseases.
  • Injuries.

Treatment of chronic prostatitis effects

Isolate an acute or chronic form of prostatitis, which can manifest as bright, painful symptoms or leak secretly.

Characteristic symptoms include:

  • frequent urination;
  • pain in the perineum;
  • problems with erection and ejaculation;
  • impossibility to conceive a child;
  • increased body temperature;
  • signs of intoxication;
  • problems with defecation;
  • is nervousness, irritability;
  • discomfort in one or both testicles.

Having noticed the first alarm signals, you should immediately consult a doctor and undergo the necessary treatment.

The most dangerous chronic course is when the symptoms of the disease are insignificant, and the patient does not attach much importance to them.

Statistically, more than 30% of men after 45 years suffer from various pathologies of the prostate, which are very dangerous to the health of the stronger sex. The consequences of chronic prostatitis can disrupt the work of other organs and cause depressions, infertility, and sometimes death.


At the initial reference in medical institution it is necessary to sound to the doctor-urologist:

  • complaints;
  • information on the presence of other pathologies, the transferred diseases;
  • whether there are near relatives in the male line similar problems.

After collecting the necessary information the doctor will perform a finger examination of the gland, during which it will evaluate:

  • the size of the organ;
  • density;
  • the presence of formations.

Additionally it is required to conduct:

  • general analysis of blood and urine;
  • examination of gland and sperm juice;
  • cystoscopy;
  • bacteriological culture of the obtained material;
  • usual and transrectal ultrasound of the prostate.

Chronic prostatitis in men the consequences

Based on the results it will be possible:

  1. Deliver an accurate diagnosis.
  2. Find out how long the disease lasts.
  3. Determine the cause.
  4. Identify the effects of chronic prostatitis.

Disruption of the urinary system

If the cause of the disease is the penetration of infectious agents, the process usually extends to the urethra, bladder and kidneys.

These pathologies do not go unnoticed and cause the patient:

  • burning and pain during urination;
  • frequent urge with the release of a small amount of urine;
  • discomfort in the lower back;
  • discharge from the hole located on the head of the penis;
  • itching;
  • a constant feeling of bladder overflow.

These symptoms often indicate the development of complications, namely inflammation:

  • of the bladder - cystitis;
  • channel, through which urine is excreted, - urethritis;
  • of the kidneys - pyelonephritis.

Consequences of chronic prostatitis in men are treated hard. The duration of therapy and the list of prescription drugs depend on the severity of the pathological process.


Often, the representatives of the stronger sex after receiving an ultrasound study receive a sheet with the result on which the inscription stands: diffuse changes in the prostate.

This may indicate the presence in the body tissues:

  • stones;
  • benign cysts;
  • adenom;
  • seals;
  • malignant tumors;
  • blood supply disorders.

With progression, such diseases lead to inflammation and impairment of the body.

The most dangerous consequences of prostatitis in men can cause various nodules( adenomas), which are often harbingers of cancer.

The causes and consequences of chronic prostatitis

A late visit to the doctor may result in death.

Sexual dysfunction and infertility

Many couples who can not conceive a child, primarily sin on the health of women. In this case, the man has no visible problems. And only with a full survey of partners it turns out that the cause lies in the inflammation of the prostate gland.

Asymptomatic current is rare. The patient notes:

  • problems with erection, which first appear from time to time, and as progression can and at all become the cause of impotence;
  • decreased sexual desire;
  • irregular ejaculation and pain during the end of sexual intercourse.

Dangerous consequences of prostatitis in men

Statistic data is disappointing. A belated visit to a urologist leads to impotence of more than 40% of men who have noted periodic problems with sexual arousal. Therefore, the consequences of chronic prostatitis should not be joked.

Emotional disorders

Problems in the sexual sphere and constant discomfort exhaust the patient, which in the end is manifested by the development of various pathologies on the part of the psyche and the nervous system.

These include:

  • depression;
  • neurosis;
  • increased excitability;
  • aggression;
  • schizophrenia( often with a predisposition);
  • phobia;
  • personality disorder;
  • falling self-esteem and other troubles.

Get rid of the effects of chronic prostatitis difficult. Without eliminating the traumatic factor, medication will give a short-term effect.


Prolonged inflammatory process in the tissues of the prostate is very dangerous and will ultimately lead to the development of various pathologies.

The most effective treatment for prostatitis is combined with a set of preventive measures recommended by a doctor.

For this it is desirable:

  • To pass scheduled examination in the urological room at least once a year.
  • If you have any complaints, take a survey.
  • Get rid of bad habits.
  • Adjust your diet.
  • Daily engage in sports( at least 2-3 times a week).
  • Less nervous.
  • Avoid overwork, both physical and emotional.
  • Dressing for the weather.
  • Use a condom.
  • Avoid prolonged absence of ejaculation.
  • In time treat other pathologies( especially the urinary system).

Prostatitis effective treatment

With the independent treatment of chronic prostatitis, the consequences are quite sad, getting rid of them is not easy. Such patients lose precious time, which may be needed for the therapy of other diseases, for example cancerous tumors. Therefore, do not ignore the dangerous symptoms, you need to seek help on time, because in the early stages of the pathology is treated easily and quickly.