Pediatric dentistry( Volzhsky) and its features

Toothache always needs urgent treatment, and especially in childhood. Dental health in children affects the normal functioning of all body systems, so it is important not to ignore the first signs of oral disease. Even with the appearance of the first milk tooth, parents need to monitor their condition and turn to the doctor in time.

Do not delay the visit to the doctor

The child's dentistry deals with the problems of dental health of children. Volzhsky provides today a huge selection of services for the treatment of children's teeth in public institutions or private offices.


Today, the dentist must own the basics of child psychology and put the baby to himself. Volzhsky is a city in which all modern methods of therapy of damaged teeth in children with the utmost comfort and cosiness are also applied.

Why do most children feel dreadful in children's dentistry? Volzhsky has many literate dentists who will dispel all the myths associated with the fear of visiting the dentist's office. Today there are many methods of anesthesia and therapy for children. To each small client, the doctor chooses an individual approach.


Service features and reviews

Children's dentistry( Volzhsky), reviews about which differ depending on the level of treatment, is represented by high-level medical institutions.

  • One of the most popular clinics in Volzhsky is Ritsa, which provides treatment services for adults and children. The reviews indicate excellent service and excellent specialists. For healthy teeth in "Ritsu" go even from other cities. It is located on Lenin Avenue, 365.
  • Children's dentistry( Volzhsky, 53 Leonova Embankment) under the name "Tatiana" has collected many positive reviews about the quality of services.
  • Dentistry "Julia".It has several branches in Volzhsky. Reviews are very different, for example, patients note the durability of the seals placed in "Julia."Teeth are treated without pain and in comfortable conditions. Recently, complaints about high prices and poor-quality materials have been increasingly received. To this medical institution, perhaps, most of all claims. Address: st. Comunistic, 42.
  • Dentistry "Voltairdent".Parents bring their children to this clinic with pleasure, because to children there is always a benevolent attitude, and dental treatment is of high quality. Address: st. Tsiolkovsky, 14.
  • Dentistry "Bunny" has established itself as a modern clinic with an individual approach to every small client.


Importance of prevention of

The most common tooth disease in childhood and adulthood is tooth decay. First of all, its prevention is important, which includes mandatory dental visits. The development of caries and other diseases will stop children's dentistry( Volzhsky).The phone of the dental clinic, and not one, is given below:

  1. Children's dental clinic "Zayka", tel.(8443) 58-28-82.
  2. "Smile Studio", tel.(8442) 51-55-95.
  3. Clinic "Julia", tel.(8443) 31-49-49

Fluoridation and sealing of fissures are one of the most popular and effective preventive procedures offered by children's dentistry( Volzhsky).Phone of the registry of the children's dental polyclinic MUZ:( 8443) 27-21-41.There are fluoridation, seals and dental treatment services. Among specialists in pediatric dentistry, Dr. NN Lobacheva and VN Belyaev are allotted. This institution is located in the department of the regional Ministry of Health and is located in a large modern building. Good specialists in the clinic "Our Doctor".This clinic has a high level of service and the latest equipment.


Advantages of contacting a doctor

All modern services that currently have children's dentistry, Volzhsky can provide his small patients for quality and painless treatment. Under the strict guidance of specialists it is possible to save children from suffering and toothache, and also to take care of the prevention of dental diseases in children. One of the main tasks of pediatric dentistry is to teach parents and their babies from an early age to brush their teeth properly and not forget about the doctor's preventive examinations.