Ginkoum: instructions and references

Some people need some help to concentrate their attention and remember a large amount of information, because their own forces are not enough. Most often it happens in some kind of intense and peak moment of study or work. The company "Evalar" offers for these purposes the preparation "Ginkoum".The instruction to it is very simple and understandable, but it is still worth considering.
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What promises the manufacturer

"Ginkoum"( "Evalar"), the instruction manual for which will be described below in detail, is a biologically active additive, not a drug. The manufacturer promises that the product improves cerebral circulation, contributes to supplying the brain with oxygen and glucose, reducing headaches, stimulating brain activity. But is this really so? The manufacturer does not promise that memory will improve against the background of reception, and efficiency will increase. Not at all. The active ingredient in the formulation can cause severe drowsiness. Therefore, before self-administration, you must carefully study the drug or consult a doctor for advice. ginkum instruction reviews

Composition and active ingredient

It is pleasant that the biologically active additive "Ginkoum", the instruction to which will be somewhat lower, consists mainly of natural ingredients, without any "chemistry".The main component is gingko( bilobate).It is he that helps the neurons of the brain to work more actively. As a result, blood circulation improves. It is noteworthy that the manufacturer warns that during the reception it is necessary to abandon the strengthened intellectual activity. Although many people buy the drug for this purpose: work faster, remember better.

Features of

"Ginkoum", the instruction to which states that the drug is not recommended for pregnant and lactating women, children under 12 years, implies some special conditions for use. First, immediately after using it is worth not to control the vehicle, because there is some absent-mindedness of attention. Secondly, take the drug is necessary during meals, so that its assimilation is easy and fast. It is not necessary to chew the capsule, it will dissolve in the stomach in a few minutes. You just need to drink it with plenty of water.

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It is not recommended to simultaneously receive several biologically active additives with the same active ingredient. In addition, the drug is completely incompatible with alcohol, can cause an attack of nausea and vomiting when mixed. Therefore, on the day of taking alcoholic beverages, it is better to completely abandon the supplement, resuming the course the next day.

Side effects of

Naturally, they are, like almost all dietary supplements. The exception was not and "Ginkoum"( instructions for use, reviews of consumers and doctors will be lower).The first thing that the manufacturer indicates as a side effect is allergic reactions. And this is not surprising, because almost all drugs containing plant components, can cause itching and irritation. The second thing that the manufacturer pays attention to is headaches. Quite strange, given that, in theory, the additive is designed to reduce them. And third - dizziness and noise in the ears.

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Most often, according to studies conducted, this occurs against the background of long-term use of the drug or excessive intellectual load. It is possible that the memory of the supplement improves, but still it is worth treating it with extreme caution and care.

"Ginkoum".Instructions for use

The price of the drug ranges from 150-180 rubles per package of 30 pieces. The instructions say that take the pill( capsule) you need twice a day, with plenty of water. If the reception was missed, then "catching up" does not need anything. Just the next day must comply with the instructions. The average course of admission is eight weeks. However, you should consult a doctor beforehand. By the way, not all specialists recommend biologically active supplements for the normalization of blood circulation in the brain.

Comments of doctors about the preparation "Ginkoum"

The instruction clearly shows that the additive has too many side effects. Therefore, many experts are of the opinion that it is not worth using it to concentrate attention and improve brain function under active loads. Moreover, even homeopathic doctors try not to recommend this supplement to the reception, making a bet on other, safer drugs.

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Some experts are sure that "Ginkoum" contributes to sleep disturbance and excitation of the nervous system, which does not affect the efficiency and concentration of attention. And, therefore, the drug ultimately does not fulfill its main purpose.

Customer Reviews

Despite the fact that the specialists are extremely reluctant to talk about the drug, Ginkoum, the manual, the doctors' reviews and side effects were considered by us, many have already tried it out on themselves. People's opinions are very diverse. To someone, the drug helps to calmly survive the intense intellectual burden of learning and work, and someone he caused only headaches and drowsiness. That is why taking a biologically active supplement is very careful, following the instructions. And most importantly - if the reception brings some discomfort, then stop it immediately.