"Royal Ration": program description, menu, efficiency and feedback

Professionals claim that the TV picture adds up to five kilograms. Imagine the efforts of show business stars to keep themselves in shape. Popular actors and performers, politicians and hosts of entertainment programs often seek help from experienced nutritionists who make up individual nutrition programs and give general recommendations.

The "star" doctor Margarita Koroleva not only made to lose excess pounds Valeria, Nikolay Baskov, Joseph Kobzon and other artists, but also created the company "Royal ration."royal diet

Refusal from harmful food habits

Many years of experience and help to slimming let the Queen become the author of several books. The most popular edition is "Royal ration. The rules of well-fed harmony "came out in 2011.

Correction of the diet, acceleration of metabolism, the process of fat burning in the body, calorie counter - at first glance, the author does not provide fundamentally new information. However, all the advice and recommendations are set out in a very simple and understandable language.

In the book you will not find magic diets for rapid weight loss. Following the path suggested by Margarita Koroleva, you will gradually change the entire food system and will never return to previous habits.

There are only two conditions: your desire and time to prepare the right dishes. For those who lead an active lifestyle and work for 8-12 hours a day, the author of the book offers delivery of food. Read more about the "Royal Ration" in our review.


In the piggy bank Margarita Queen is an international prize, 25 years of experience as a dietitian and author's weight loss program. As you know, it is the lack of time that provokes the appearance of extra pounds. When there is no opportunity to cook delicious and healthy food, hunger is satisfied with fast food, bakery products and other harmful snacks.

Food "Royal ration" - is the delivery to the house or office of ready meals. In 2011, Margarita and her team of like-minded people managed to open their own kitchen factory. Today the best specialists work here, who passed three complex interviews and withstood a month's internship. food royal diet

How does it work?

The company closely follows the selection of suppliers. Each batch of products passes through the laboratory - on your table get dishes made only from environmentally friendly ingredients.

Save the maximum amount of vitamins, minerals and dietary fiber helps Cook and Chill. This unique technology involves two steps: gentle heat treatment and shock cooling. One of the main tools in the hands of cooks is a combi steamer that allows you to cook meals without using fats.

All food in the kitchen factory is checked by a special control system for food safety and quality. For packaging used containers made in the UK.The cookware does not contain harmful substances and is designed for use in microwave ovens.

"Magic" thermal bags

Reviews of the "Royal Ration" celebrate the excellent work of all the company's specialists providing full customer support.

After choosing one of the programs, which we will discuss later, you need to leave an application or contact the manager on your own. Tell us about your taste preferences and food allergies, discuss the diet and after two days a bag with a healthy diet will be delivered to the place you specified. royal diet reviews

Vegetables and fruits, spring water, wholesome desserts, fresh yoghurts, tea, smoothies, food for six meals and the necessary cutlery - a comfortable and stylish thermos bottle keeps the freshness of the products up to 16 hours. In addition, in each order you will find a gastronomic menu and brochures with tips and guidelines for nutrition for the whole family.

Customers choose the "Royal Ration" for three reasons:

  1. Variety. Margarita Koroleva together with colleagues developed 20 different nutrition programs.
  2. Save time. You no longer think where you can have a snack and how it will affect the figure. In the bag there are six hearty meals.
  3. Gastronomic trip. The best craftsmen work on the development of the menu, so no dish is repeated for 30 days.

Weight reduction

As we have already said, the client can choose one of twenty programs. Everything depends on the goal: body cleansing, fitness nutrition, weight loss. Sometimes the transition to a healthy diet is required by medical indicators or before an important event, for example, a wedding - such options also provide for "Royal ration."reviews of the royal diet

Each program has a division by caloric content. For example, let's take the most popular diet "Weight loss".

"Lightness".It is designed for 1-2 weeks( loss up to 5 kg), per day 800-850 kcal.

"Grace".Weight reduction to 10% within a month, per day 1200-1300 kcal.

"Become".Weight reduction of up to 5% during the month, per day 1600-1700 kcal.

The first option is more radical and gives a quick result. The other two options are designed to achieve a smooth result, such a diet does not cause a feeling of hunger and discomfort.

Feedback from customers

All programs developed by Margarita Koroleva are built according to one principle. As you know, a healthy diet is an ideal way to improve well-being and lose extra pounds. In the absence of time to search for recipes and prepare dishes for many people, the "Royal Ration" became the wand-help.

Customers' reviews primarily mark excellent quality. Proper nutrition from the chef promises a whole palette of tastes. The combination of satiety and lightness is a bit surprising at first, but customers quickly get used to it. the royal diet of well-fed slenderness

"Royal diet" does not imply strict restrictions and fasting, so the transition to proper nutrition is very easy. Another plus is packaging. The thermo bag is convenient to carry, and the containers can be used in a microwave oven.

According to customers, nutrition from the "star" nutritionist has only one significant drawback - the price. Approximately 4,500 rubles will be the day of proper nutrition( 135 thousand rubles a month).