Drops "Ophthalmodek": instructions for use. Cost of preparation

Diseases of the eyes are always accompanied by unpleasant symptoms. This tearing, deterioration of appearance, reddening of proteins and so on. A specialist should treat such pathologies. Otherwise, you risk losing forever one of the senses - sight. Currently, there are many medications to eliminate this or that disease. It can be drops, compresses, ointments. One of the most frequently prescribed drugs is Ophthalmodec. Instructions for using this medication, the price for it will be described later in the article. It is worth recalling that the information provided is not an excuse for your self-treatment.

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What is this preparation?

On the medicine "Ophthalmodec" the instruction says that it is an antiseptic. Drops have an antimicrobial, purifying and antiviral effect. The main substance of the drug is decamethoxin. There are also auxiliary components - water and sodium chloride.

The medicine is issued in a vial-dropper with a volume of 5 milliliters. This container is placed in a cardboard box on which it is written: "Drops of" Ophthalmodec ".The instruction is attached to each preparation in a single copy.

ophthalmic eye drops instructions

Purpose of the medication and its contraindications

The "Ophthalmodec" medication instructs that the medication is prescribed for the treatment of various inflammatory diseases of the organs of vision. Indications for use are conjunctivitis, gonoblenorea, eye lesions of Chlamydia infection. The medication can be used for rehabilitation before surgical intervention and as a prophylaxis of complications after it. Often described medicine treats the eye lenses to prevent infection. The composition can be used in newborns.

What does the instruction tell us about the contraindications to the use of Ophthalmodec? The annotation says that you can not use drops only with increased sensitivity to its components. Doctors also say that it is forbidden to treat pregnant and lactating women, if the expected benefit does not exceed the risk. When prescribing drugs for future mothers, therapy is strictly under the supervision of a specialist.

drops ophthalmode instructions

"Ophthalmodec"( eye drops): instructions for use

In each case, the doctor takes into account the characteristics of the patient's body and then prescribes the drug in a certain dosage. For the treatment of inflammation and infectious diseases, the composition is recommended to be applied up to 6 times a day. Each dose should be injected 2-3 drops into the conjunctival sac.

In the prevention of inflammation during lens wear, the composition is applied directly to the inner part of the lens by 1-2 drops. Only then can I put on the device for vision. It is also possible to rinse the lens in a solution.

In newborns, the medication is injected into the lower conjunctival sac immediately after birth. After 2 hours the procedure must be repeated.

The duration of therapy is determined individually. For the prevention of medication can be used with a certain periodicity. If it is a question of treatment, the drops are usually used up to two weeks. After surgery, the drug is prescribed for use from three days to several weeks.

Cost of medication

You already know that the "Ophthalmodek" instruction informs you. The price of the drug depends on the place in which you buy it. Produced in Ukraine. There it costs about 18-20 hryvnia. In Russia, the drug is difficult to find, but it is possible. The cost of the medicine will be about 100 rubles.

Consumers say that this drug has an attractive cost in comparison with other similar drugs. It is also noted for its high efficiency.

ophthalmode instructions

Instead of concluding. ..

You learned about the drug for the treatment of inflammatory diseases of the eye - Ophthalmodec. Instructions before use of drops should be carefully studied. Try not to use such medications yourself. Contact your doctor if you have any complaints. The doctor will conduct an examination and prescribe you exactly those drugs that will be effective. Strong to you health and good vision!