The drug "Ritalin": what is it? Instructions for use, analogues

Many have probably heard about such a drug as Ritalin. What it is? It is a remedy that lifts the mood, helping to get rid of depression and giving strength at a strong fatigue. Throughout the world millions of people regularly use it, not even guessing what consequences they are waiting for. This is due to the fact that in the pursuit of profit pharmaceutical companies try not to spread its harm. Such silence has already undermined mental and physical health to hundreds of thousands of people, many of whom have died.

Description of the drug

Ritalin what is it?

"Ritalin" - what is it? It is a medicament that stimulates the central nervous system. Its main component is methylphenidate. By its pharmacological action and composition, it resembles amphetamine, which is considered a potent stimulant. In contrast, Ritalin has a softer effect. In many countries it is prohibited to manufacture and sell. This prohibition is caused by the fact that it is classified as a narcotic substance that causes addiction.

Indications for use

Doctors quite often prescribe to their patients the Ritalin remedy. The instructions for use describe the drug as a stimulant used to treat hyperactive children and those with attention deficit disorder. A child can not sit in one place, concentrate attention, because of this there are problems with solving school problems. During the treatment the child calms down and concentrates on any action, without being distracted by extraneous stimuli.

For the treatment of narcolepsy, Ritalin can also be prescribed. What it is? Narcolepsy is a disorder characterized by severe drowsiness and attacks of sudden falling asleep during the day. After awakening, there is sometimes a brief paralysis of the body. Promotes the removal of a person from such a state of the drug Ritalin.

The instruction for use indicates that the drug can be administered to people who suffer from severe depression to enhance the effect of antidepressants.

The action of Ritalin

The effectiveness of the drug depends on the dose taken, the result usually comes in 40-50 minutes. The doctor should prescribe this dose so that the effect is not too strong. The person raises attention and improves its concentration. Outside thoughts stop clinging to the head, the mood improves and a feeling of cheerfulness appears. As a result, a person acquires faith in himself, it becomes much easier to communicate with outsiders and express his thoughts.

Ritalin instructions for use

If the drug begins to be abused, the effect is increased several times. A person feels a huge charge of vivacity, consciousness clears up, mood greatly improves, euphoria sets in. This is due to the large content in the brain of the dolphin caused by the stimulant.

Preparation Ritalin: analogues

Since this drug is recognized as narcotic, causing addiction and destroying health, in our country it is prohibited. Its analogues are antidepressants, psychostimulants and narcotic drugs, which can be purchased only on prescription. These include "Dexedrine", "Concert" and the newest drug "Straterra."

"Ritalin" as a drug


The drug is produced most often in the form of tablets. More rarely it is represented by a liquid or capsules.

People who abuse methylphenidate, inject it intravenously, inhale through the nose, smoke, and use the oral method. To this end, the tablet is kneaded into a powder to smoke or inhale through the nose, like cocaine. In an effort to avoid this, most pharmaceutical companies have begun to produce special pills that can not be crushed into powder. But people get even here. To enter intravenously, the tablet is dissolved in water, and the resulting liquid is injected into the vein with a syringe.

Consequences of receiving

The drug "Ritalin" when it is abused has a very strong effect on human health, as it is addictive, and stop taking it is quite difficult. First there is insomnia, loss of appetite, sleep disturbances, psychoses, panic and even hallucinations can begin. Then, with regular use, the drug begins to destroy the liver, lungs and kidneys. The most terrible thing is damage to the brain cells, resulting in strokes or epileptic seizures. If a person inhales the drug through the nose, the mucous membrane also begins to break down, there are problems with the respiratory system.

Ritalin analogues

If the drug is taken for medicinal purposes, the health consequences are no less dangerous. With prolonged admission, a person is not in a position to solve any problems himself. To forget, he can take a pill once more, without which he becomes aggressive and defenseless. As a result, there is a question about the drug Ritalin. What is it - a medicine or a drug? Rather, the last, so without the utmost need to accept it should not be.


If the child is hyperactive or suffers from attention deficit disorder, then it is best to do without a drug such as Ritalin. Recognized as a narcotic substance, it is addictive, and the consequences of its use are appalling. A doctor caring for a patient's health is simply obliged to prescribe another medical device.