Flaxseed oil: medicinal properties, reception rules. Flaxseed oil in capsules: reviews

Nature has given man a lot of plants that have medicinal properties. One of them is flax. This inconspicuous flower has long been used by man in many areas: for making clothes, food and even medicines. Most often for such purposes, use flaxseed oil. His healing properties were known in the past in many countries. It helps with many diseases, and by the availability of nutrients exceeds any vegetable oil. Previously, it was constantly used for food, used for cosmetic purposes and to promote health. In the twentieth century, the production of flaxseed oil was almost stopped, because it is quite expensive. And only in recent years, this curative product is again available to everyone who cares about their health.

Linseed oil composition

The most useful product is obtained by the method of cold pressing. So in it all useful substances and vitamins are stored. What makes flaxseed oil curative?

- It is most valued for a unique combination of unsaturated and saturated fatty acids. Particularly useful fo

r health is linolenic, which is more commonly known as omega-3.It is not synthesized by the body, but from other products it is found only in fish oil. About 60% of it contains linseed oil. Its therapeutic properties are explained by the presence of linoleic and oleic acids.

- In the composition of flaxseed oil there are many fat-soluble vitamins - E, A, K and group B.

- It contains the necessary magnesium, fluorine and iron for health.

- This oil is a source of unique substances - lingans, which have antioxidant and antitumor effect. They belong to phytoestrogens, so women need the most.

Flaxseed oil - the benefit of

How to take it for various diseases, knew all the healers of antiquity. Its unique composition explains the effective effect on the entire body. What are the properties of linseed oil:

- antioxidant effect improves skin condition, rejuvenates the body and normalizes metabolic processes in tissues;

- antiseptic properties accelerate the healing of wounds and ulcers, in addition, the oil clears the liver of toxins, and the whole body from parasites;

- it also has the ability to normalize the metabolism and reduce the content of "bad" cholesterol. And the fact that it helps in the breakdown of fat, allows you to use it for obesity;

- this oil improves the functioning of the heart, cleanses the vessels and serves as an excellent prophylaxis for heart attacks and strokes;

- it has strong anti-cancer properties, since lingans are capable of killing cancer cells;

- this oil strengthens the immune system, helps to recover from severe diseases and to resist stress.

To whom this oil

is most useful The maintenance in it of a considerable quantity of phytoestrogens allows to consider that linen oil for women of any age is the most useful. In addition to general strengthening effect and improving metabolism, it serves as an excellent tool for the prevention of breast cancer, and also prolongs youth. Regular intake of this oil facilitates the condition of women during menstruation and menopause, as it positively affects the work of female hormones. And during pregnancy, adding it to food contributes to the proper formation of brain cells in the child.

At what diseases it is useful

- constipation, colitis, gastritis and ulcer;

- atherosclerosis, ischemic heart disease and multiple sclerosis;

- helminthic invasions, fungal diseases and toxic liver damage;

- asthma;

- obesity and diseases of metabolic disorders;

- injuries, bruises and burns;

- edema, urolithiasis and other kidney diseases;

- reduced visual acuity.

How to use

The most healing properties are cold pressed oil. Keep it in a cool place. The best linseed oil is sold in bottles of dark glass of small volume, since after opening it quickly deteriorates. And for treatment it is necessary to use fresh product. How to drink flaxseed oil? It is added to food or taken inside just like that. Adults can drink 2-3 tablespoons a day. Heat treatment of this oil can not be done, because it loses all its properties. Some do not like the specific taste that has flaxseed oil. Honey, lemon, yogurt, syrup or any fruit will help soften it. It also goes well with porridges, salads and rye bread. In addition to ingestion, linseed oil is used to rinse the mouth and throat, as a compress or as a part of cosmetic products.

In what form can you buy it

In pharmacies you can buy flaxseed oil in capsules. Reviews about this medicine are positive: it is very effective and it is easy to drink. All who used it, unanimously declare that it has the same effect as liquid oil, but there is no unpleasant taste. Capsules need not be stored in the refrigerator, and to take or carry with them if necessary, they are very convenient. And to make them work better, you must observe a few simple rules:

- during the reception of capsules one should not eat and drink hot dishes;

- for those who take capsule oil, it is necessary to refrain from taking laxatives;

- they need to drink in the morning before breakfast and in the evening before going to bed;

- it is not recommended to take more than 17 grams of the drug per day.

How to drink flaxseed oil for various diseases

1. To cleanse the body of toxins and get rid of constipation, you need to drink two teaspoons of butter every day. First time - in the morning half an hour before breakfast, and the second time before going to bed. To enhance the effect, you can mix it with honey or yoghurt. Liquid oil can be replaced with 2-3 capsules of the drug.

2. Those who want to lose weight, should be taken on an empty stomach on a teaspoon of flaxseed oil. It will help reduce your appetite and bring out excess fat. The same action is possessed by linseed oil in capsules.

3. Only one teaspoon of the product, used together with breakfast, activates the brain activity of the child and will help him to develop properly.

4. After serious illnesses and operations it is recommended to add 1-2 tablespoons of this product every day.

5. As with any medicine, it has contraindications. It is not recommended to use flaxseed oil for cholecystitis, intestinal disorders and acute gastric diseases.

6. To achieve greater effect with various skin lesions, it is necessary to mix flaxseed oil with sea buckthorn in a proportion of 2 to 1.

Rejuvenating mixture

With flax oil, you can prepare a unique anti-aging and revitalizing agent. After its application, hair grows better, eyesight and skin condition improves. There are different recipes for this remedy, but all contain the same ingredients: lemon, garlic, flaxseed oil and honey. How much to add - it's not so important, in any case it turns out a very useful mixture. Take it you need a teaspoon 3 times a day before meals. The most common recipe is this: for a half-liter of linseed oil we take a glass of honey, a garlic head and three lemons, one of which is added together with zest.

Use of external application

The ability to regenerate cells is the main thing for which flaxseed oil is valued. Its therapeutic properties for external use are as wide as for oral administration. This oil not only speeds up the healing of various skin lesions, it treats burns, irritation, itching, eczema and acne. To do this, you can lubricate the affected area several times a day or make oil compresses. Antibacterial and antifungal properties of the oil make it possible to effectively use it in depriving and psoriasis. Simultaneously with external use for severe lesions it is recommended to drink flaxseed oil in capsules. Reviews of such treatment show that all healing processes are faster, and in general the skin is perfectly cleaned, it becomes smooth and elastic. Flaxseed oil in cosmetology

It has long been actively used in various cosmetic procedures. The best way to improve the skin is linseed oil. Taking it inside increases the effect of masks and creams. After applying linseed oil, the skin becomes soft and velvety, acne, warts, calluses, peeling and itching disappear. It has antioxidant and regenerating properties, perfectly moisturizing and rejuvenating the skin. It is very useful to make nail trays of pure oil. This strengthens them, makes them shiny and prevents brittleness. It is also used in various hair cosmetics. The substances that make up linseed oil, improve their growth, prevent loss and treat dandruff. You can use it separately or add to any cosmetic product, say, in a cream, the effect of which it will enhance. It is also useful massage with linseed oil, which helps with losing weight to maintain the elasticity of the skin.

Application of oil for various cosmetic problems

1. Flaxseed oil with ground coffee is an excellent anti-cellulite peeling. It does not cause any irritation or allergic reactions, effectively removes fat deposits.

2. Applying flax oil to the skin in combination with essential oils will help to avoid stretch marks, cope with wrinkles and flabby skin.

3. If you mix it with honey, lemon and egg yolk, this composition perfectly softens the most rough skin of hands.

4. Masks of linseed oil for hair nourish the scalp, strengthen the roots of hair and prevent their loss. They will become silky and shiny if you mix this oil with glycerin.

5. When using various products with linseed oil for the skin, you need to consider its condition. For example, with dryness, the combination of butter with cucumber and sour cream will help best, mix it with cottage cheese or egg yolk for oily skin, and for the fading, prepare a rejuvenating cream from honey, lemon, yolk, cream, camphor alcohol and, of course, linseed oil.

How to use it in cooking

This product has been used for food since antiquity. But you can not subject linseed oil to heat treatment, it is believed that after that it becomes even harmful.

Therefore, add it to ready-made meals. Flaxseed oil not only increases the nutritional value of foods, but also contributes to their better absorption, rapid saturation and improved metabolism. It is best to fill them with salads, add to the porridge, the first and second dishes. To soften the unusual taste of this product, you can mix it with sour cream, mayonnaise or sunflower oil. A very useful dish is obtained if you mix cottage cheese with herbs and add flaxseed oil. Its therapeutic properties help make any product more nutritious and useful.