Ointment from depriving people: the name. Than to treat a pink deprive at the person: ointments

Before buying an ointment from depriving people, it would be nice to find out the causes of this disease. In fact, the mechanisms of development and the conditions for its appearance have not yet been fully explored. However, it occurs in the spring or autumn, that is, at a time when the body is weakened by various infections, because of the previous vaccinations or banal hypothermia.

ointment from depriving people

The causes of the disease

However, in numerous studies, doctors found that pink lichen can develop against a backdrop of chronic stress and reduced immunity. In addition, it contributes to the appearance of a metabolic disorder and seasonal manifestations, a disturbance of the digestive tract and bites of various insects. And in this number there may be fleas, lice and bedbugs. Therefore, the ointment from depriving people should be chosen, considering all these factors and isolating the most important of them. To treat the symptom of a systemic disease without understanding its causes is practically useless.

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The very first - this, of course, the appearance of pink spots on the body. They may be accompanied by peeling and itching, but before they appear, a person may be troubled by weakness and general malaise, as well as an unpleasant itch. After a couple of days, the center of the spots begins to fall a little, and the skin becomes brown. Then the spots are covered with scales. Of course, at this moment everyone will already be looking for a folk remedy or ointment from depriving people. However, the whole point is that the pharmacy chain can offer you little to fight this disease. But there is no need to panic: pink lichen is almost not contagious, although it is not worth using common personal hygiene items with a sick person. than to treat pink lichen in a man ointment

Treatment with folk remedies

The majority of people usually start treatment with these funds, and only if they do not help, they go to pharmaceuticals. First of all, your assistant will be iodine. It is a little aggressive, but very effective. Affected areas need to be cured at least twice a day. After the first day, the scaling will become even greater, but the deprivation will pass very quickly. The second effective remedy is ordinary salicylic acid. You can buy it at the pharmacy, cauterize the foci three times a day. Four days later the lichen will pass.

However, many doctors express a different opinion about what to treat pink lichen in humans. Ointments, they say, will not serve a good service, which means that one should pay attention to the state of health in general and immunity in particular. As an alternative treatment, it is suggested to drink a course of vitamin C or antihistamine medications. Most often this disease goes by itself and does not require special treatment. However, if you contact a dermatologist, he can prescribe the following treatment scheme, consisting of three steps: itching, strengthening immunity, treating the damaged skin.

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Withdrawal of itching

If a person is concerned about this painful symptom, it's too early to talk about how to treat pink lichen in humans. Ointments can only bring increased symptoms such as itching and burning, so the first course of treatment with antihistamines. This is usually "Suprastin" and "Tavegil", "Claretine" and "Xizal".They are known for removing allergy and itching, as well as reducing the permeability of capillaries. As an anesthetic, diphenhydramine may be prescribed.

Strong immunity - a pledge of health

To defeat pink lichen, you need to maintain your immunity in good shape. Fungus is not strong enough to compete with our immune cells. Therefore, if you have already developed rashes, it is too late to stick to a healthy lifestyle and eat fruit. It's time to take immunomodulators and vitamins. Only after these steps, if they did not ensure recovery to the full, the doctor must determine what to treat the pink lichen in humans. Ointments will speed up the healing process and prevent relapse.

than to treat lichen in a man ointments

External tools

The drug "Miconazole" is one of the most popular and effective antifungal ointments. Since this disease causes the fungus, then the fight should be conducted purposefully. This ointment from depriving people contains the active substance miconazole. It is used for the most part against the cut-off, but will be effective in any of its forms. The active substance changes the composition of harmful microorganisms, provoking their death. Apply this ointment twice a day until the symptoms disappear completely. However, before starting to use the ointment, it is necessary to consult an experienced dermatologist. Some of them have a different view of the treatment, and they suggest the following scheme.

ointment from lichen in humans

Hormone medicines

When it comes to talking about how to treat a person's lichen, ointments are most often chosen precisely from this series. They are highly effective, but we must remember that this question should be solved by the attending physician, and not the pharmacist in the nearest pharmacy. Among them, the gel "Hydrocortisone" can be distinguished. It is a drug that provides a complex effect and provides an anti-inflammatory effect, relieves itching and reduces puffiness. In addition, it is often appointed "Lorinden A", a steroid with salicylic acid. It also effectively removes itching and swelling, reduces peeling, eliminates inflammation and inhibits allergy. Next on the list is "Sinalar", a drug that combines antibacterial components and a glucocorticoid that relieves itching, inflammation and swelling. Finally, it is necessary to note the preparation "Flucinar" - it is a hormonal medication that quickly relieves allergies, soothes itching and solves the problem of peeling of foci. ointments from pink depriving a person

Use of sulfuric ointment

To date, this medication is used very rarely, although it was previously quite common. In fact, sulfuric ointment from depriving people can be used very effectively. Despite the specific odor, it can very effectively treat lichen, scabies and psoriasis. The agent has antiparasitic and antibacterial action, the course of treatment - 5-6 days. However, sulfuric ointment has a number of contraindications, in particular it can not be used by pregnant women, as well as children under three, because it is toxic and irritating.

Instead of concluding

In fact, it is not so important to choose a good ointment from depriving a person. The name, a beautiful box, advertising a pharmacist - all this is nothing more than marketing. In fact, there is no specific treatment for this disease, since we are talking about a systemic disease. Its treatment should assume a comprehensive approach, as described above. That is, special drugs that have an effect directly on the pathogens of the disease does not exist. Therefore, one should adhere to a healthy lifestyle, and in order not to aggravate the situation, use ointments from pink depriving a person. It can be any antipruritic mixture, whether it's a professional medication or a home remedy, cooked according to a popular recipe. In the neglected case, the doctor can prescribe antibiotics for both the systemic and local modes of administration.