Upper eyelid plastic surgery: course of operation and reviews

Wrinkles, hanging eyelids, "hard look" - this is all the result of age-related skin changes. The field of plastic surgery, which is designed to eliminate such defects, is called blepharoplasty. This procedure returns the eyes of beauty and youth.

Definition of

upper eyelid plastic

The plastic of the upper and lower eyelids is an operation to tighten the skin, correct the shape and remove the bags under the eyes. It is designed to achieve an aesthetic effect with minimal trauma to the surface at the time of the procedure. The essence of the operation consists in excision of the skin of the eyelids, as well as removal of excess fatty deposits. To date, using blepharoplasty, you can not only restore youth, but also change the incision and the shape of the eyes.

This procedure can solve a lot of aesthetic problems. Perhaps, that's why it is so popular and popular among people over 26 years old. The plasticity of the upper and lower eyelids is considered a fairly simple procedure, which is successfully used by medics of different countries. Due to the fact that there is low trauma, it has minimal risks. According to studies, complications occur only in 3% of cases.


Most often, this procedure is assigned to individuals who:

  • reduced muscle tone;
  • has a hernia;
  • excess adipose tissue;
  • ptosis of the eyelid;
  • skin flabbiness and wrinkles;
  • Asian section;
  • lowered corners of the eyes.

The essence of the procedure is to remove surgically fat, excess skin and hernias. The operation is performed with excision of tissue with a laser or a scalpel. The duration of such correction is from 40 minutes to 1.5 hours, depending on the neglect of the situation. After such an intervention, you need to follow certain rules for eye care so that negative consequences do not go away.


Clients' comments on upper eyelid plastic claim that there are significant limitations on blepharoplasty. The doctor will not perform the surgery if the patient has the following health problems:

  • bleeding disorders;
  • diabetes mellitus;
  • oncology;
  • AIDS;
  • infectious diseases;
  • hepatitis;
  • chronic illness at the time of exacerbation;
  • eye disease( dry eye syndrome, conjunctivitis).

And also a significant contraindication is pregnancy, lactation and menstruation.

Types of

plastic of the upper and lower eyelids

  • Traditional or percutaneous - a popular operation, in which the excess part of the epidermis is removed. If necessary, the surgeon can remove a strip of circular muscle, open the orbital septum and remove the internal fat.
  • Transconjunctival is the newest kind of aesthetic plastic of the upper eyelids. It has a significant number of advantages, but still has contraindications. Allows the formation of external cuts to remove bags under the eyes and hernia. Because of the inability to remove flabby skin, this procedure is only shown to young people.
  • Circular is the method by which the top and bottom correction is combined.
  • The plastic of the upper eyelids is the process by which an incision is made in the natural fold, after the time the seams dissolve, the edema subsides and the scar becomes invisible to others.
  • The lower eyelid surgery is an operation where the incision is made only along the line of the eyelashes.
  • Oriental - the plastic of Asian eyes.
  • Laser - is a non-surgical procedure that allows you to remove unnecessary skin around the eyes, remove fatty hernia, improve wrinkles and age defect in the eyes.

Preparing for operation

plastic upper eyelid reviews

The plastic of the upper eyelid, the photo of which is presented below, is carried out only after a thorough consultation with the surgeon. During the reception, the zones of intervention are indicated, and preoperative examination is also prescribed. It includes laboratory tests and compulsory consultation of an ophthalmologist if the surgeon does not possess this qualification.

A week before the procedure, the patient is required to stop using anti-inflammatory, non-steroidal, anticoagulant and hormonal drugs. Three days before the appointed date, it is required to remove alcohol from the ration.

Plastic surgery of the upper eyelid is performed on an empty stomach, therefore it is forbidden to use liquid or food on the day of operation. And also before the procedure itself it is required to remove all the natal ornaments and not to use cosmetics and a variety of creams. That it will be necessary to have with itself in clinic, the doctor directly will prompt. Most often this kit includes the availability of documents( test results, passport), personal hygiene products and comfortable removable clothing.


An examination before the operation includes the following steps:

  • Blood test - it helps to know the presence or absence of inflammatory foci in the body and how well oxygen enters the internal organs, and determine the extent of the body's resistance to a wide variety of infections and learnthe possibility of blood clotting.
  • The general or common analysis of urine - he helps to find out presence of infectious diseases of a bladder and kidneys, and also inflammatory processes of these organs.
  • Biochemical blood test - 5 ml of blood taken from a vein will be needed to diagnose possible diseases that make plastic surgery impossible.
  • Blood test for HIV infection, syphilis and hepatitis. It is carried out only to exclude such ailments.
  • In addition to the procedure, the patient undergoes mandatory fluorography to assess the condition of the lungs, mammary glands, exclude tuberculosis and other fairly serious diseases.
  • It is also necessary to examine the cardiovascular system using the ECG method.

The course of the operation

plastic upper eyelid customer reviews

Each clinic performs the plastic surgery of the upper eyelids in its own way, but there is a basic algorithm that everyone uses.

  1. The patient is placed on his back, and the surgeon applies markers using a marker. Then the skin of the neck and face is carefully treated with a special solution. After the face is covered with antiseptic sheets, and only the eye area remains open.
  2. In the next stage, anesthesia is used, for which the newest instruments are used, they do not discomfort at all. Then the doctor will check the sensitivity of the covers and remove the defects of the eyes. At the same time, his main task will be to make sure that all his actions are symmetrical, since his work will be hard to fix.
  3. At the end, seams are applied using new materials and using a special method, after complete healing, the scar remains virtually invisible.

At the time of the operation, the surgeon's assistant carefully monitors that the patient does not bleed.


The upper eyelid surgery is an operation, therefore a recovery period is shown after it. The first days after the end of blepharoplasty, bruises and swelling intensify. In order for the seams to heal much faster, they need to stick a special adhesive on them. In this period it is considered the norm if the patient feels minor pain, eyelid heaviness and dry eyes.

In order for everything to pass as quickly as possible, it is required to adhere to certain recommendations that will help improve the condition.

So, you need:

  • to sleep solely on the back with a slightly raised head;
  • to abandon strong physical exertion;
  • do not use cosmetics;
  • avoid tilting the head down;
  • do not wear contact lenses;
  • long not to sit in front of the computer;
  • Do not smoke or drink alcohol;
  • try not to watch TV;
  • not take a hot shower and bath.

If you do not adhere to such recommendations, then serious complications can begin.

Eye Care

plastic upper eyelid rehabilitation

In order for the postoperative period to go well, you must clearly fulfill all the requirements of the doctor. In the first days after the procedure, it is not allowed to take independent attempts to care for the eyelids. This should only be provided to experienced personnel. If the patient's involvement in the treatment of the eyelids is required, then it is necessary to disinfect the hands very well, as well as the means by which the care will be carried out. This is done in order to avoid infection of a fresh wound.

According to patients' testimonials about upper eyelid plastic, swelling will be faster if cold compresses are applied in the following days. Pain relievers are suitable for pain relief.

After the seams have been removed, the operating area should be regularly lubricated with special creams. When drops are prescribed for the eyes, they are applied only according to the instructions of the attending physician.

Do not expose your eyes to direct sunlight. Therefore, in the first month it is strongly recommended to wear sunglasses. In addition, the use of such protection will hide the damaged eyelids from prying eyes, since the wounds will heal only a few months after the procedure.

Such simple recommendations will help to recover much faster and will save you from the appearance of negative complications that will have to be corrected by one more surgical intervention.

Possible complications

Reviews about a plastic surgeon, the plastic of the upper eyelids of a practitioner, it is very important to study, since if the doctor is not qualified and experienced, then there may be big problems.

1. Early - right after surgery possible:

  • edema;
  • bleeding;
  • infection;
  • headache;
  • eyes will not be completely closed.

2. Late:

  • tear;
  • seam divergence;
  • asymmetry;
  • effect of "hot eyes";
  • appearance of a cyst on the seam line;
  • dry eyes;
  • the descent of the upper eyelid.

Similar complications are not so common, and with repeated surgery with the help of a practicing surgeon they can be eliminated.

Lower Blepharoplasty

Not as popular as top plastic, but also popular. Before the operation, the surgeon determines whether there is a surplus of skin and assesses the elasticity of the covers, and also necessarily checks the tone of the eyelid. If there is an excess of skin, then the traditional method is used. When skin access is used, the incision is performed with an indentation of 3-4 mm from the edge of the cilia. Fatty fat is either redistributed, or even removed. Only after that begin to perform excision of excess skin, and sometimes even areas of the circular muscle of the eye. On the wound that formed, superimposed cosmetic suture.

When there is no excess of skin, transconjunctival blepharoplasty is performed. In this operation, a visible cut is not made at all. It is performed only from the inside of the eyelid. So, there are no traces after the operation. Such an intervention is effective if excess fat is observed in the eyelid region. The procedure partially removes or redistributes it.

The cost of

plastic upper eyelids spb

Many factors influence the formation of the cost of plasty of the upper eyelids. Most often referred to as:

  • method of blepharoplasty;
  • degree of difficulty;
  • associated procedures that are required during the operation;
  • individual patient characteristics.

The exact price can only be indicated by a doctor who will be engaged in plastic surgery. To date, making a look younger is not difficult. Experienced surgeons with the help of modern eyelid correction techniques will help to achieve the desired results.

Below are the average prices for blepharoplasty:

  • top - from 24,000 rubles;
  • lower - from 26,000 rubles;
  • zhirosberegayuschaya - from 35,000 rubles;
  • transconjunctival( traditional) - from 32 000 rubles;
  • plastic of the eastern age - from 30 000 rub.;
  • classic( top + bottom) - from 55,000 rubles;
  • transconjunctival( upper + lower) - from 62,000 rubles;
  • removal of epicanthus( 1 side) - from 7,000 rubles;
  • correction of scars of eyelids( 1 side) - from 10 000 rub.;
  • excision of excess skin - from 12 000 rub.

Where to do it?

The plasticity of the upper eyelids is quite popular for today. To entrust its carrying out is necessary only to the skilled or experienced ophthalmologist-surgeon as this expert has all required knowledge, practical skills and experience. Therefore, the plastic surgeon must have one more education, he must be an expert on the structure of the human eye. Only such a doctor will conduct a qualitative operation, the results of which will be satisfied with his clients.

The plasticity of the upper eyelid in Moscow has become incredibly popular. And the city has opened many centers that specialize in similar services. Their list is given below:

  • Best Clinic is located on Spartakovskiy Pereulok 2, p. 11. It is a multifunctional medical diagnostic center that uses the latest achievements of modern medicine in its work.
  • "Medic City" can be found at ul. Poltava, d. 2. Is a multifunctional center. In the clinic there are rooms for temporary stay of patients during a comprehensive examination and after surgical intervention.
  • "Sm-Clinic" is located on the street. Clara Zetkin, 33/28.The center's services include specialist consultations, surgical and conservative treatment on the basis of its own hospital, and restorative therapy.

And also you can make the plastic of the upper eyelids in St. Petersburg, where many complexes function and professional doctors work.

Medall Center is located at: Middle Avenue, 5. It has experienced practicing surgeons, it is possible to undergo preoperative examination, which is very convenient. The doctor can provide the predicted result and stay in the ward under supervision.

The IntraMed Clinic is located at: ul. Savushkina, 143, k. 1. The clinic has ultrasound and laboratory diagnostics. You can get a wide range of services for the plastic upper eyelid.

Center "Admiralty Shipyards" is open on the street. Sadovaya, 126. It is considered a multifunctional institution, where highly skilled specialists are taking the reception. It has all the latest equipment, as well as a laboratory in the territory. There are wards for temporary stay of patients.


plastic upper eyelid patient reviews

Plastic surgery of the upper eyelids has become a very fashionable procedure, and the results after its holding you can hear a lot of good things. As doctors say, very rarely patients remain dissatisfied. Complained only of complications and a fairly difficult recovery period.

According to plastic surgeons, blepharoplasty is the easiest operation in aesthetic medicine, therefore it is easily transferred. After it there is no pain, only the appearance of discomfort in the eyes is possible. Bruises and swelling disappear quickly enough.

As the patients say in the reviews about the plastic of the upper eyelid, to see the end result, you need to wait about a month and a half. During this time, the sutures will begin to resolve, and swelling will completely come down. And in order to return to the sensitivity, it takes 4 months.